1st Edition

Broadcasting in Ireland

By Desmond Fisher Copyright 1978

    Broadcasting in Ireland (1978) outlines the historical and sociological background of Ireland to place the progress of its broadcasting service in the context of its post-independence development. It analyses the difficulties of running public service broadcasting financed by both licence fee and advertising, and competing in half its television reception area with two of the premier broadcasting systems in the world. With regular broadcasting beginning with Independence, its development was inevitably bound up with the process of building the political, economic and social framework of the new State, and this book closely examines how the Irish broadcasting system coped with the attending economic, cultural and political difficulties.

    1. The Irish Environment for Broadcasting  2. Evolution of Broadcasting in Ireland  3. The Legislative Basis of Irish Broadcasting  4. Broadcasting Developments, 1960–76  5. The Broadcasting Authority (Amendment) Act 1976  6. RTE: Structures and Performance  7. Financing the Broadcasting Service  8. Technical and Support Services  9. Relationship with Outside Bodies and Individuals  10. Evolution of Broadcasting  11. Towards a National Communications Policy


    Desmond Fisher