1st Edition

Broadening the Contours in the Study of Black Politics Political Development and Black Women

By Michael Mitchell Copyright 2016
    146 Pages
    by Routledge

    145 Pages
    by Routledge

    Broadening the Contours in the Study of Black Politics, volume 17 of the National Political Science Review (NPSR), is divided thematically into two books, available separately or as a set. The first concentrates on the institutional aspects of Black politics. The second book addresses various dimensions of social capital that constitute the fundamental building blocks of Black politics. Each contains peer-reviewed articles, a symposium section, and book reviews, as well as other featured sections.

    Together, these books build on the previous NPSR volume, Black Women in Politics. The symposium in Volume 17:1 examines the struggle of Black women, both in the political science discipline and in getting their work published. In the symposium section of Volume 17:2, members of the National Conference of Black Political Scientists carry on a revealing conversation about the dilemmas of professional life for Black women in political science.

    The set also contains a section called "Trends," which offers data to use as starting points for discussions in teaching, on professional panels, or in the mass media, regarding the new versions of the Voting Rights Act after the Shelby County v. Holder decision of 2013. Both volumes 17:1 and 17:2 contain rigorously vetted articles on significant themes in the study of Black politics. This set represents the most recent offering in the distinguished National Political Science Review series.

    Editors' Note Research Articles: Political Development Innovation, Inevitability, and Credibility: Tracking the Origins of Black Civil Rights IssuesMatthew B. Platt Racialized Political Anger: Affective Reactions to Barack Obama and Federal GovernmentDavid C. Wilson Disasters, Public Policy, and Urban Black Communities: UrbanPlanning and Recovery during Hurricanes Andrew and KatrinaDavid McBride Symposium: Association for the Study of Black Women in Politics Introduction: Nobody Can Tell It All: Symposium on How Researching Black Women in Politics ChangesPolitical Science: Methodologies, Epistemologies, and PublishingNikol G. Alexander-Floyd and Tiffany Willoughby-Herard Radical Black Feminism and the Fight for Social and Epistemic JusticeNikol G. Alexander-Floyd The Secret Eye: Black Women in Politics and PublishingTiffany Willoughby-HerardYearning: Black Female Academics, Everyday BlackWomen/Girls, and the Search for a Social Justice PraxisBrittany Lewis Black Feminist Prison PoliticsDuchess Harris Praxis: Social Science Expert Testimony and the Voting Rights Act Social Science Expert Witness Testimony in Voting Rights CasesRichard L. Engstrom, Daniel McCool, Jorge Chapa, and Gerald R. Webster Book Reviews Christina Heatherton, ed., Downtown Blues: A Skid Row Readerand Christina Heatherton and Jordan Camp, eds., Freedom Now!Struggles for the Human Right to Housing in L.A. and Beyond ,reviewed by Mark SchullerNadia Brown, Sisters in the Statehouse: Black Women 126and Legislative Decision Making, reviewedby Evelyn SimienPreston H. Smith II, Racial Democracy and the 129Black Metropolis: Housing Policy in Postwar Chicago ,reviewed by Teri PlattVincent W. Lloyd, ed., Race and Political Theology , 131reviewed by David E. DixonRobert Holmes, Maynard Jackson: A Biography , 133reviewed by Andra GillespieGrace Kyungwon Hong and Roderick A. Ferguson, eds., 135Strange Affinities: The Gender and Sexual Politics ofComparative Racialization and Ernesto Javier Martinez,On Making Sense: Queer Race Narratives of Intelligibility ,reviewed by Yu-Fang Cho


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