1st Edition

Broad's Critical Essays in Moral Philosophy (Routledge Revivals)

Edited By

David Cheney

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ISBN 9780415714679
Published December 3, 2014 by Routledge
368 Pages

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Book Description

The ideas of C. D. Broad have affected the work of moral philosophers throughout the twentieth century to the present day. First published in 1971, this edited volume contains Broad’s best essays on the philosophical problems of Ethics, mostly written and published between 1914 and 1964. Among the essays are Broad’s important critiques of G. E. Moore’s ethical theory, his lecture entitled ‘Determinism, Indeterminism and Libertarianism’, and other pieces discussing topics as broad as Conscience, Egoism and Free Will. This reissue serves as an important companion to Broad’s other works, a number of which have also been reissued within the Routledge Library Editions series, and will be invaluable to students interested in Broad’s theories and twentieth-century philosophical thought.

Table of Contents

Editorial Preface; Preface by Professor Broad; 1. The Doctrine of Consequences in Ethics (1914) 2. On the Function of False Hypotheses in Ethics (1916) 3. Analysis of Some Ethical Concepts (1928) 4. Determinism, Indeterminism, and Libertarianism (1934) 5. Is ‘Goodness’ a Name of a Simple Non-Natural Quality? (1934) 6. Ought we to Fight for our Country in the Next War? (1936) 7. Conscience and Conscientious Action (1940) 8. Critical Notice of Julian Huxley, Evolutionary Ethics (1944) 9. Some reflections on Moral-Sense Theories in Ethics (1946) 11. Egoism as a Theory of Human Motives (1950) 12. Self and Others (1953) 13. Emotion and Sentiment (1954) 14. A Reply to My Critics (1956) 15. G. E. Moore’s Latest Published Views on Ethics (1961) 16. Obligations, Ultimate and Derives (1964); Index

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