1st Edition

Building Chaos An International Comparison of Deregulation in the Construction Industry

Edited By Gerhard Bosch, Peter Philips Copyright 2003

    This collection draws on international comparisons from the main industrialized countries in a key field - the construction industry. One only has to walk around almost any major city in the industrialized economies of the world to see how well the construction industry is doing and this study is a timely analysis of a growing field.
    This genuinely internationally focused book has contributions from leading experts and academics in the sphere of construction.
    This well-written, informative collection is a must-read book for advanced students, academics and professionals who are serious about the industrial economics and the construction industry.

    1. Introduction 2. The Netherlands: Rules in Revision: High-Quality Production in the Dutch Construction Industry 3. Germany: The Labor Market in the German Construction Industry 4. Denmark: Searching for Innovation 5. Canada: Labor Market Regulation and Labour Relations in the Construction Industry: The Special Case of Quebec Within the Canadian Context 6. Australia: The Australian Construction Industry: Union Control in a Disorganized Industry 7. Spain: Spain Down the Low Track 8. The United States: Dual Worlds: The Two Growth Paths in US Construction 9. The United Kingdom: Privatization, Fragmentation, and Inflexible Flexibilization in the UK Construction Industry 10. Republic of Korea: The Drivers for Change in the Korean Construction Industry: Regulation and Deregulation


    Gerhard Bosch is Professor of Sociology at the University of Duisburg as well as being Vice President of the Institute for Work and Technology. He is an expert on labor markets and has published several books in German, English and French. He has been adviser for the EU, the ILO and the OECD.