1st Edition

Building Competence in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Transcripts and Insights for Working With Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and Other Problems

By Richard W. Sears Copyright 2015
    214 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    214 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is an evidence-based program that combines mindfulness and cognitive therapy techniques for working with stress, anxiety, depression, and other problems. Building Competence in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy provides the first transcript of an entire 8-week program. This intimate portrayal of the challenges and celebrations of actual clients give the reader an inside look at the processes that occur within these groups. The author also provides insights and practical suggestions for building personal and professional competence in delivering the MBCT protocol.

    Foreword Segal  1. Introduction  I. Building Competence  2. Building Personal and Professional Competence in MBCT  3. Building Competence in the Methods of MBCT  II. Session Transcripts  4. Initial Session  5. MBCT Session 1: Awareness and Automatic Pilot  6. MBCT Session 2: Living in Our Heads  7. MBCT Session 3: Gathering the Scattered Mind  8. MBCT Session 4: Recognizing Aversion  9. MBCT Session 5: Allowing/Letting Be  10. MBCT Session 6: Thoughts are Not Facts  11. MBCT Session 7: How Can I Best Take Care of Myself?  12. MBCT Session 8: Maintaining and Extending New Learning  References  Index


    Richard W. Sears, PsyD, MBA, ABPP, is clinical/research faculty at the University of Cincinnati Center for Integrative Health & Wellness, volunteer associate professor of clinical psychiatry and behavioral neurosciences with the UC College of Medicine, and a psychologist contractor at the Alliance Institute for Integrative Medicine. He regularly conducts MBCT groups at the Alliance Institute for Integrative Medicine.

    "Whether it is leading mindfulness practices, embodying presence and kindness in interactions with group members, or guiding inquiry, this book fills a significant void in the literature by supporting the ongoing professional development of MBCT instructors regardless of their novice, intermediate, or expert status."—From the foreword by Zindel V. Segal

    "There’s nothing like watching an expert in action. In this wonderfully illustrative and openhearted book, Richard Sears shares his wisdom and experience by providing a complete transcript of an 8-week course of MBCT. Whether you’re an experienced provider or a novice, you’ll love seeing how Dr. Sears does this. When it resembles how you do it, you’ll feel validated. When it’s different, you’ll appreciate the fresh ideas. The introductory chapters provide insights about numerous clinical and practical issues. Both students and seasoned experts will pore over this unique book."—Ruth Baer, PhD, author of The Practicing Happiness Workbook and Mindfulness-based Treatment Approaches

    "Being an MBCT therapist may ask more of us than some other modes of therapy, but also may give us more in return. In particular, the need to cultivate ones own mindfulness practice can be personally challenging and also profoundly life-changing. Although what we teach must be grounded in our personal practice of mindfulness, facilitating mindful awareness in others requires other skills as well (such as conducting post-practice inquiries with awareness, empathy, and compassion). Dr. Sears has given us an essential resource to help professionals become more reflective, observant, and attuned MBCT therapists. Both novice clinicians learning to facilitate MBCT groups and seasoned clinicians wishing to deepen their skills will definitely want to read this book."—Randye J. Semple, PhD, assistant professor, University of Southern California, co-author of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Anxious Children

    "This book is a timely addition to the discussion about building competence in MBCT. Dr. Sears has beautifully described the process of leading participants through the 8-week program, and at the same time offers useful and practical guidance about what is involved in teaching MBCT. I recommend this book to all the MBCT trainees I teach."—Susan Woods, MSW, LICSW, senior MBSR/MBCT professional trainer, principal curriculum consultant, Mindfulness-Based Professional Training Institute, Center for Mindfulness, UC San Diego

    "Whilst the empirical literature on MBCT has been rapidly expanding in recent years, the literature on MBCT clinical practice and pedagogy has been much slower to develop. This is not surprising. MBCT teaching and learning is a subtle and delicate process which is best discovered through direct experience. However, it is wonderful to have other entry points and windows to support discovery. This valuable book offers us the opportunity of a fly on the wall perspective of the intimate work that takes place within an MBCT class, and it also gives us the chance to join the teacher and participants in their journey through the 8 weeks. This is a wonderful resource for all in the field."—Rebecca Crane, director, Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice, Bangor University, United Kingdom

    "Richard Sears has created a rich and timely resource for anyone working in mindfulness-based interventions. This practical and thorough guide provides coverage of an MBCT course from the beginning preparations, including marketing and setting up a group space, to an inside session-by-session look at the course. With its sound examples and advice regarding important issues and specific skills invaluable to the MBI facilitator, this book will become a favorite go-to for clinicians, students and supervisors."—Sarah Bowen, PhD, author of Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention for Addictive Behaviors: A Clinician’s Guide

    "Leading an MBCT group is a product of a unique, personal integration of the teacher’s mindfulness meditation practice with the structured MBCT protocol. Dr. Sears provides a detailed, personal example of how this integration can unfold as well as answering many common, nuts-and-bolts questions about how to facilitate an MBCT group. As such, this book is a valuable complement to the MBCT treatment manual. It will be of use to all those interested in facilitating MBCT groups, particularly for those early on in their development."—Mark A. Lau, PhD, Vancouver CBT Centre and clinical associate professor of psychiatry, University of British Columbia

    "Fascinating. Insightful. Powerful. Practical. Building Competence in MBCT is the perfect companion book for experienced or neophyte clinicians who lead MBCT sessions—or, for that matter, any structured mindfulness-based group. As someone who has led hundreds of MBCT and other mindfulness-based groups, I found myself constantly learning new angles, areas of inquiry, and nuanced approaches. I commend Dr. Sears for not only his bravery in putting forth transcripts of his group sessions but also for his mindful approach that embodies wisdom, curiosity, and kindness, crucial qualities for us to practice and express in mindfulness groups. I am confident that those who give these chapters a careful reading, with a mindset toward application, will find themselves more confident, comfortable, and socially tuned in during their own mindfulness groups."—Ryan M. Niemiec, PsyD, psychologist, author of Mindfulness and Character Strengths: A Practical Guide to Flourishing, and education director of the VIA Institute on Character

    "By providing practical exercises and transcripts of his own sessions, Sears exposes his reading audience to the nuts and bolts of MBCT sessions where the text becomes an intimate, nonjudgmental, and refreshing perspective on the practice of mindfulness." -Afiya Mangum Mbilishaka and David Salisbury Brown Mitchell, PsycCRITIQUES