1st Edition

Building Design, Construction and Performance in Tropical Climates

Edited By Mike Riley, Alison Cotgrave, Michael Farragher Copyright 2018
    286 Pages
    by Routledge

    286 Pages
    by Routledge

    The design, construction and use of buildings in tropical climates pose specific challenges to built environment professionals. This text seeks to capture some of the key issues of technology and practice in the areas of building design, refurbishment, construction and facilities management in tropical regions.

    Using a consistent chapter structure throughout, and incorporating the latest research findings, this book outlines:

    • the functional requirements of buildings in tropical climates;
    • the challenges associated with the sustainability of the built environment, building form and whole life performance in the context of a tropical setting;

    • the impact of potentially hostile tropical conditions upon building pathology and the durability of components, structure and fabric;
    • the tasks which face those responsible for appraising the design, condition, maintenance and conservation of built heritage in tropical regions;
    • the facilities management issues faced in tropical climates; and
    • the refurbishment, upgrade and renewal of the tropical built environment.

    The book is ideal as a course text for students of Architecture, Construction, Surveying and FM as well as providing a sound reference for practitioners working in these regions.

    Chapter 1 Introduction:

    Mike Riley & Payam Shafigh

      • Introduction
      • Overview
      • Building Design
      • Building Construction
      • Building Performance

    Chapter 2: Environment & Sustainability:

    Noor Suzaini Mohamed Zaid & Brit Kayan

      • Introduction
      • Overview
      • Impact of Climate Change
          • Sustainability and Climate Change in Tropical Climates
          • Environmental Degradation of Tropical Forests
          • Climate Change and Ecological Impact in Tropical South East Asia
          • Adaptation and Mitigation of Climate Change

      • Sustainability in the Construction Industry
          • Sustainability Assessment Tools
          • Drivers for Sustainable Construction Techniques
          • Benchmark, Policies and Guidance
          • Barriers

      • Life Cycle Assessment and Eco-labelling
      • Embodied Energy in Buildings
          • Material Selection
          • Low Carbon Impact

      • Sustainable construction techniques: materials selection, specification, waste minimisation

    Chapter 3: Functional Requirements of Buildings: Tropical Context

    Norhayati Mahyuddin, Farid Wajdi Akashah & Raha Sulaiman

      • Introduction
      • Overview
      • Physical performance requirements of Buildings in Tropical Climates
      • Macro, Mesa and Micro Climate in Tropical regions
      • Building Science in Tropical Climates
      • Environmental performance requirements

    Chapter 4: Historical Evolution of Buildings in Tropical Regions

    Norhaniza Ishak, Nur Farhana Azmi & Noor Suzaini Mohamed Zaid

      • Introduction
      • Overview
      • General Characteristics of Buildings in Response to Tropical Climate
      • Building in Context
      • Evolution of Tropical Buildings Typology and Morphology
      • Case Studies: SE Asia/Malaysia
      • Case Studies: Sub-Saharan Africa
      • Case Studies: India & Central Asia
      • Case Studies: Southern States, Central & South America

    Chapter 5: Construction Technology for Tropical Regions

    Mike Farragher

      • Introduction
      • Overview
      • Building Form: The humid tropics
      • Building Form: The hot and dry tropics
      • Urban Morphology
      • Climate Analyses
      • Domestic Building Elements in the Tropical regions
      • Industrial and Commercial buildings in the Tropical regions
      • Environmental services
      • Sustainable Construction Materials in the Tropical regions

    Chapter 6: Building Pathology, Maintenance and Refurbishment

    Zahiruddin Fitri, Azlan Shah Ali & Shirley Jin Lin Chua & Mohd Rizal Baharum

      • Introduction
      • Overview
      • Common Building pathology
      • Remediation of building defects
      • Maintenance considerations and techniques
      • Building Refurbishment

    Chapter 7: Operational Building Performance in Tropical Climates

    Nik Elyna Myeda, Syahrul Nizam Kamaruzzaman & Cheong Peng Au-Yong

      • Introduction
      • Overview
      • Assessment Trends
      • Building Information Modelling
      • FM Practice in Tropical Zones
      • Measuring and Assessing Performance
      • Performance Planning and Control
      • Optimising building performance

    Chapter 8: Case Studies

    Mike Farragher & Mike Riley

      • Africa: Uganda

    Case Study 1: Ndere Centre Cultural Facility, Kampala

    Case Study 2: Nissan Motorcare New Showroom and Offices, Kampala

    Case Study 3: Virika Hospital reconstruction, Fort Portal

      • South America: Brazil

    Case Study 4: Thermal Performance in Wooden Dwellings

      • Australasia: Australia

    Case Study 5: Elements Resort of Bryon Bay

    Case Study 6: Magney House, Bingi Point, New South Wales.



    Mike Riley is Director of the School of the Built Environment, Liverpool John Moores University, UK.

    Alison Cotgrave is Deputy Director of the School of the Built Environment, Liverpool John Moores University, UK.

    Michael Farragher is Senior Lecturer in Architectural Technology, Liverpool John Moores University, UK.