1st Edition

Building Dynamic Teamwork in Schools 12 Principles of the V Formation to Transform Culture

By Brad Johnson, Robert Hinchliffe Copyright 2024
    140 Pages
    by Eye On Education

    140 Pages
    by Eye On Education

    How can school leaders foster more effective teamwork and collaboration among teachers to improve instruction and culture? Brad Johnson and Robert Hinchliffe use the analogy of geese V formations to show what effective teamwork really looks like for success. They discuss roles and responsibilities--each goose has a role to play in the flock, from leader to follower; the importance of recognizing individual strengths and assigning roles accordingly; and the impact of each team member fulfilling their responsibilities. They also discuss the skills that the teams need in order to work together: working together to achieve a common goal; fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose; adaptability and flexibility; encouragement and support; trust and reliance; and leadership and followership. Each chapter is filled with strategies and examples for leaders in any setting and ends with a Sharpen Your Winning Edge section offering tips you can use immediately.

    Principle 1 Harnessing the Power of Teamwork: Lessons from the Geese
    Principle 2: The Power of the V Formation
    Principle 3: Effective Communication: The Key to Collaboration and Success
    Principle 4: Maximizing Team Success By Harnessing Individual Strengths
    Principle 5: Navigating the Storm: How Educators Adapt to Learning Challenges
    Principle 6: The Power of Collaboration: Fostering Team Unity
    Principle 7: Investing in Team: The Power of Support and Motivation
    Principle 8: The Power of Transparent Communication: Fostering Trust within School Communities
    Principle 9: Uniting Through Inclusion: Strengthening with Diversity
    Principle 10: Elevating Leaders: Fostering Growth and Empowerment Among Teachers
    Principle 11: Small Teams, Big Impact: Maximizing Collaboration
    Principle 12: Proactive Approach to Conflict Resolution in School Teams


    Brad Johnson (@DrBradJohnson) has over 25 years of experience as a teacher and administrator at the K–12 and collegiate level. He is author of several books and one of the most inspirational and affirmational speakers in education.
    Robert Hinchliffe is a successful principal in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has been an administrator for over 18 years. He is the author of the book It’s All About Perspective and hosts a podcast with the same name.

    "Building Dynamic Teamwork in Schools strategically illustrates some of the best leadership lessons through the majestic flight of geese. Brad Johnson and Robert Hinchliffe invite leaders to witness the grace and beauty of geese while learning from their strengths. Throughout the book, readers can almost hear their melodious honking, and picture the synergy of their teamwork.

    Johnson and Hinchliffe provide practical strategies to help leaders enhance team chemistry and synergy, similar to the interactions of the geese. They offer practical tips and activities to unleash the potential of a team, and to elevate a group of coworkers to become a team of interconnected colleagues.

    I was inspired by Johnson and Hinchliffe’s explanation of the safe and supportive V formation and the merit of shared leadership and team building. Johnson and Hinchliffe eloquently outline this and many more lessons from nature."

    Carrie Hruby, Ed.D., Superintendent and Author of Comfy Shoes and Keychains: Tips for Women in Leadership

    "Johnson and Hinchliffe captured the essence of synergy within transformational teams. They use the “V formation” as an exemplar for collective efficacy through the essential elements of communication, trust, collaboration, clear vision, and purpose. The 12 Principles outlined in this book are certain to create high-perforforming teams that produce high-performing students within high-performing schools."

    Rachel Alex, Ed.D., Leadership Consultant and Coach

    "I found that Building Dynamic Teamwork in Schools is even more dynamic than its title presents! As a leader of the turnaround process for nearly a decade in the 5th largest school district within the United States of America I can, and frequently do, testify on the critical importance of a positive climate and culture with the entire team. When we do things with people, it sticks. When we do things to people, it doesn't. You can't optimize achievement if you do not build structures for positive relationships and school governance. It does not mean everyone will get their way, but it does mean that everyone has a seat at the table for their voice to be heard. Brad and Robert do a fantastic job laying out the "how" from the setting of norms to the outcomes, while simultaneously ensuring an entertainment value in his choice of stories and words. I highly recommend reading this publication and sharing it with members of your staff too." 

    Dr. Jeffrey Geihs, Executive Director of the Nevada Association of School Administrators and Chief Executive Officer of the Silver State Education Foundation