1st Edition

Building Embodiment Integrating Acting, Voice, and Movement to Illuminate Poetic Text

Edited By Baron Kelly, Karen Kopryanski Copyright 2023
    188 Pages
    by Routledge

    188 Pages
    by Routledge

    Building Embodiment: Integrating Acting, Voice, and Movement to Illuminate Poetic Text offers a collection of strategic and practical approaches to understanding, analyzing, and embodying a range of heightened text styles, including Greek tragedy, Shakespeare, and Restoration/comedy of manners.

    These essays offer insights from celebrated teachers across the disciplines of acting, voice, and movement and are designed to help actors and instructors find deeper vocal and physical connections to poetic text. Although each dramatic genre offers a unique set of challenges, Building Embodiment highlights instances where techniques can be integrated, revealing how the synthesis of body, brain, and word results in a fuller sense of character experiencing for both the actor and the audience.

    This book bridges the gap between academic and professional application and invites the student and professional actor into a richer experience of character and story.

    Part 1: Acting

    1. The Natural Elements

    Peter Allen Stone

    2. Leading Center, Super Objective, and Style

    Josh Chenard

    3. Tackling Heightened Text

    Miriam Mills

    4. (3" x 5") x 40: A Journey to Embodiment

    Louis Fantasia

    5. The Words: Golden Keys to the Inner Life of the Character

    Baron Kelly

    6. Embodiment through Breath and the Voice

    Josephine Hall

    7. Playing the Persian Queen

    Stratos E. Constantinidis

    Part 2: Teaching

    8. Sculpting & Imaging the Text: An Equitable and Inclusive Approach to Speaking Heightened Language

    Peter Zazzali

    9. The Sound in the Silence; the Movement in the Stillness: Discovering Embodiment in Presence

    Karen Kopryanski and Peter Balkwill

    10. Grace, Gravitas and Grounding - Approaching Greek Tragedy Through a New Translation of Hecuba

    Tamara Meneghini

    11. Animating the Ancients: A Scaffolded Approach to Physicalizing Greek Theatre

    Doreen Bechtol

    12. Naughty, Bawdy Characters and Comedy of Manners

    Candice Brown

    13. "O, villain, villain, smiling, damned villain": Hamlet and the Rhetoric of Repetition

    Matt Davies

    14. Agamemnon’s Homecoming: Using Active Analysis to Explore Ancient Theatre

    Sharon Marie Carnicke


    Baron Kelly is the Vilas Distinguished Professor in the Theatre and Drama Department at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. He is a four-time Fulbright scholar and has traveled extensively as a cultural specialist for the United States Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs teaching and lecturing on the theatre in Russia, Scandinavia, Africa, Europe, London, and Asia. His teaching of acting has led him to teaching and lecturing residencies in more than a dozen countries on five continents.

    Karen Kopryanski is an Assistant Professor and the Head of Voice and Speech at Virginia Commonwealth University. She has coached more than 80 theatrical productions in the United States and spent ten years on the faculty of The Boston Conservatory. A 2003 graduate of the ART/MXAT Institute at Harvard University, she is also Reviews Editor for the Voice and Speech Review; an associate teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework; a recently appointed US Fulbright specialist; and has taught and led workshops in Russia, Italy, Canada, Singapore, Austria, and Turkey.