1st Edition

Building Object Categories in Developmental Time

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ISBN 9780805844917
Published March 2, 2005 by Psychology Press
482 Pages

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Book Description

The study of object category development is a central concern in the field of cognitive science. Researchers investigating visual and auditory perception, cognition, language acquisition, semantics, neuroscience, and modeling have begun to tackle a number of different but centrally related questions concerning the representations and processes that underlie categorization and its development. This book covers a broad range of current research topics in category development. Its aim is to understand the perceptual and cognitive mechanisms that underlie category formation and how they change in developmental time.

The chapters in this book are organized around three interrelated themes: (1) the fundamental process by which infants recognize and remember objects and their properties, (2) the contribution of language in selecting relevant features for object categorization, and (3) the higher-level cognitive processes that guide the formation of semantic systems. The volume is appropriate for researchers, educators, and advanced graduate students.

Table of Contents

Contents: Preface. C.A. Nelson, K. Snyder, The Segregation of Face and Object Processing in Development: A Model System of Categorization? S.P. Johnson, Building Knowledge From Perception in Infancy. F. Xu, Categories, Kinds, and Object Individuation in Infancy. F. Gosselin, P.G. Schyns, Bubbles: A User's Guide. P.C. Quinn, Young Infants' Categorization of Humans Versus Nonhuman Animals: Roles for Knowledge Access and Perceptual Process. D.H. Rakison, The Perceptual to Conceptual Shift in Infancy and Early Childhood: A Surface or Deep Distinction? L.B. Smith, Emerging Ideas About Categories. L. Gershkoff-Stowe, Imposing Equivalence on Things in the World: A Dynamic Systems Perspective. M. Bowerman, Why Can't You "Open" a Nut or "Break" a Cooked Noodle? Learning Covert Object Categories in Action Word Meanings. D. Gentner, The Development of Relational Category Knowledge. W-k. Ahn, C.C. Luhmann, Demystifying Theory-Based Categorization. B. MacWhinney, Can Our Experiments Illuminate Reality? F.C. Keil, Knowledge, Categorization, and the Bliss of Ignorance. T.T. Rogers, J.L. McClelland, A Parallel Distributed Processing Approach to Semantic Cognition: Applications to Conceptual Development. L.W. Barsalou, Abstraction as Dynamic Interpretation in Perceptual Symbol Systems. R. Siegler, Models of Categorization: What Are the Limits?

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Lisa Gershkoff-Stowe (Edited by) ,  David H. Rakison (Edited by)


"...the book gives the non expert and expert reader alike a cohesive and thoughtful overview of the basic issues and controversies in the development of categorization. The book is intended 'for researchers, educators, and advanced graduate students' and seems a likely purchase for universities with large research libraries....this volume will provide some savory ideas that extend their palate of knowledge about object category development."