1st Edition

Building Resilient Organizations Predicaments & Prospects

    288 Pages 54 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book is aimed at contemplating and reflecting on future course of action for businesses in order to become more resilient. It discusses various predicaments and prospects around building enduring organizations. By demonstrating how to build strong and resilient systems that can survive catastrophes witnessed in the past few years, it offers practical solutions by discussing the current researches, the-oretical insights, experiences and lessons which can inspire and empower business leaders, academics, students, policy makers and other stakeholders in economics.

    1. Health insurance in India: an exploratory study to understand customer service and satisfaction

    Pradeep Kautish and Neeraj Arora

    2. An overview of financial risks and role of Reserve Bank of India in the management of risks in Indian banking sector

    Manoj Sangisetti and Pechetty Venkata Purna Kumari

    3. Corporate governance, zero leverage and financial Constraint: A financing decision from Nepalese non-financial firms

    Prem Prasad Silwal

    4. Financial performance analysis of selected Indian pharmaceutical companies during COVID-19 outbreak

    Maddi Yasaswini Venkata Sai Bhavyasri and Lalita Mohan Mohapatra

    5. Effect of first lockdown announcement on the Indian stock market: An investigation of select 40 companies across nine sectors

    Srijanani Devarakonda, Lakshmi Rawat and Pankaj Sahu

    6. Performance analysis of direct-growth equity linked saving schemes at COVID-19 period: a study of public sector mutual funds

    K. Venkata Rami Reddy and A. Sreeram

    7. Sentiment score for finance decision: An analysis for investment in Indian commodity market

    Vishweswarsastry V N, Pundareeka Vittala and Pradeep Kumar Shinde

    8. Analysis of influencing factors on knowledge management in armed forces

    Debajyoti Borah and Sumati Sidharth

    9. A systematic review of defining strategic human resource management and elements of sustainable human resource management

    Vasudha Kurikala and V. Parvathi

    10. CSR as a tool for sustainable development: an empirical study of select manufacturing companies in India

    Kalyani Mujumdar and Datattry Mane

    11. Influence of happiness index in the economic upliftment of women

    S. Franklin John and P. Nilufar Sathiq

    12. Nature and causes of poverty leading to inequality and social exclusion in Nepal

    Janardan Paudel and Khem Bahadur Chhetri

    13. Exploring the feasibility and enablers of continued work from home for telecommunication network operations employees owing to COVID-19

    Harjeet Khanduja and Girijesh Srivastava

    14. The contributions of promotional strategies on product success: A case of Jambo Food Products Company Limited

    Anitha Saruma and N. Viswanadham

    15. Marketing sustainability: A study on dynamics of contemporary supply chain practices

    Guru Basava Aradhya, Abhinav Thiyagaraajan and Sweta Rajak

    16. Workforce analytics: Predicting employee attrition using machine learning approach

    Shobhanam Krishna and Sumati Sidharth

    17. An integrated framework to fine-tune and fortify analytics governance

    Niharika Atchyutuni and Sudharsan Sezhian

    18. Building resilient organisations through digital transformation – A study of the insurance sector in India

    Padmaker Jadhav, V. Jayashree and Sagyan Sagarika Mohanty

    19. Lessons learnt from COVID-19 for business continuity management in banking sector

    Sowmya Vivek

    20. Effectiveness and efficiency of last mile operations with reference to third party logistics service provider

    Kanagala Anusha, Srinivasa Reddy and Pavan Kumar

    21. A Pandemic hope: Freddo café

    Subramani Krishnamurthi, Saravanan Subramanian, Chithra Manickm, Sagyan Sagarika Mohanty, Nityasundar Nanda and Dammalapati Ravinath


    Falguni H Pandya; Sr. Assistant Professor, Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management

    Sheelam Jain; Associate Professor (HR & OB), Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management

    Niharika Atchyutuni; Assistant Professor (HRM & OB), Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management