1st Edition

Building Successful Extracurricular Enrichment Programs The Essential How-To Guide for Schools and Communities

By Michael Cain Copyright 2022
    156 Pages
    by Routledge

    156 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Building Successful Extracurricular Enrichment Programs is a must-read for educators or administrators who want to develop, implement and maintain engaging out-of-school programs.

    Accessible and easy to use, this book focuses on four basic approaches to building enrichment programs: grassroots, semi-structured, franchise and fully structured. Readers will walk through each stage of the process, from conception, to fund-raising, to implementation and evaluation. Successful programs require significant, time, energy and resources; this book makes what is often a very demanding process understandable and obtainable.

    With practical tools and tips to support every student, this essential guidebook equips teachers, administrators and home educators with the step-by-step strategies to confidently design their own extracurricular programs.

    The Introduction, (or Don't Be Afraid)  1. Establishing Your Vision, (or I See What You're Saying) 2. The Impossible Dream Machine, (or the Kids Lead the Way)  3. Semi-Structured Programs, (or I'll Do the Heavy Lifting and You Pay the Bill)  4. The Franchise Extracurricular Enrichment Program, (or Mind If I Tag Along)  5. The Program Director, (or Are You Crazy)  6. On Being the Program Director, (or You Knew the Job Was Dangerous When You Took It)  7. The Fully-Structured Program, (or the Whole Ball of Wax)  8. Fear of Funding, (or Beggars Can't Be Choosers)  9. The Conclusion, (or the Show Has Just Begun)


    Michael Cain is a recently retired teacher with a career spanning 34 years. He has created over half a dozen successful afterschool and summer programs. Throughout his career, Cain has received various awards and accommodations. A mathematics instructor with a degree in fine art, Cain has incorporated his skills and talents to develop and implement educational enrichment throughout his community.