1st Edition

Building the Financial Foundations of the Euro

Edited By Max Watson, Lars Jonung Copyright 2008

    First Published in 2008. With contributions from a range of leading experts in this rapidly changing field, the book will be of particular value to economists, national and international institutes, banks and other financial institutions and the academic world. For ease of reference, the text is supported with charts and table, and there is a complete index.

    Part 1 -- Overview. 1. Introduction Lars Jonung, Christoph Walkner and Max Watson 2. Financial Markets in the Euro Area: Realising the Full Benefits of Integration Klaus Regling and Max Watson Part 2 -- Monetary Integration: Convergence and Adjustment 2a -- Moving to a Monetary Union 3. Catch-up, the Transition to Full Participation in EMU and Financial Stability Iain Beg 4. Adjusting to the Euro Gabriel Fagan and Vitor Gaspar 5. Booms, Busts and Crisis: Experiences with External and Internal Adjustment Reiner Martin and Ludger Schuknecht 6. Financial Stability in Emerging Europe Piroska M. Nagy and Richard Fox Part 2b -- Living Inside A Monetary Union 7. A model-based analysis of country experiences Sven Langedijk and Werner Roeger 8. Housing markets and adjustment in monetary union Peter Hoeller and David Rae Part 3 -- Financial Integration: Convergence And Adjustment Part 3a -- Setting The Scene 9. Regional Interest Rates Within a Monetary Union: Lessons From the United States John Landon-Lane and Hugh Rockoff 10. Where Does Capital Flow? A Comparison of U.S. States and EU Countries 1950-2000 Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan, Bent Sorensen and Belgi Turan 11. Declining Home Bias and the Increase in International Risk Sharing: Lessons from European Integration Michael Artis and Mathias Hoffmann Part 3b -- Banking Across Borders 12. Economic Integration and Financial Stability: A European Perspective Gianni De Nicolo and Alexander Tieman 13. Banking Integration and Co-Movements in EU Banks' Fragility Andrea Brasili and Giuseppe Vulpes 14. Stability Challenges Raised by EU Banking Integration Christoph Walkner Part 4 -- Policy Challenges 15. Financial Supervision In Europe: A Proposal for a New Architecture? Dirk Schoenmaker and Sander Oosterloo 16. Cross-Border Banking: Challenges for Deposit Insurance and Financial Stability in the European Union Robert A. Eisenbeis and George G. Kaufman 17. The Search for the Elusive Twin Goals of Monetary and Financial Stability Claudio Borio.


    Max Wilson, Lars Jonung (European Commission, Brussels)