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    by Routledge

    Bulimia: A Book for Therapist and Client, provides pertinent information to demystify the treatment process, to give clients more complete understanding of their eating disorder and to assist practitioners who treat clients with Bulimia. Questions answered include what are the causes, the primary identifying feature, medical complications, the team of professionals who can help and the process and treatment.

    PREFACE -- ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS -- INTRODUCTION -- Case of Jan -- Session 2 -- Session 3 -- Session 4 -- Session 5 -- Session 6 -- 1 EPIDEMIC OF THE 80s -- What is Bulimia? -- What Causes Bulimia? -- Case of Jane -- Session 2 -- Session 3 -- Session 4 -- Session 5 -- Session 6 -- For Whom is this Book Intended? -- Do Men Have Bulimia? -- 2 MEDICAL ASPECTS OF BULIMIA -- Case of Sherri -- Case of Karen -- What are the Demographic Features? -- What is the Clinical Syndrome? -- What are the Medical Complications of Bulimia? -- Intentional malnutrition -- Binge eating -- Self-induced vomiting -- Cathartic drug abuse -- Diuretic drug abuse -- Strenuous exercise -- Case of Laurie -- Case of Sharon -- What are Medical Treatments? -- 3 INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES -- Does the Body Have a Self-regulator for Weight Control? -- What Is the Set-point Concept? -- Does Weight Vary from Person to Person as Height Does? -- Does Binge Eating Occur Among People of Different Weight Levels? -- Case of Rita -- Case of Diane -- Case of Karen -- 4 THE FANATICAL PURSUIT OF THINNESS -- Is Thinness Becoming More Fashionable? -- Is Dieting an Answer? -- Is Thinness Related to Social Class? -- Has a Recent Evolution Occurred in the Ideal Body Shape of Women? -- Is the Fear of Fat a Major Factor in Bulimia? -- Case of Polly -- What Have Women with Bulimia Said About Being F at? -- What Are Consequences of Fear of Fat? -- Case of Jan -- Does Dieting Generally Precede Bulimia? -- What Sequence of Events Leads to Bulimia? -- Effects of Overcontrol -- Is the Need for Control Frequent in Women with Bulimia? -- Do Obese and Normal Weight Persons Differ in Response to Food? -- Are Binges Caused by Functioning Below Normal Set-point? -- Case of Vickie -- What Are some National Steps that Would Reduce Causes for Bulimia? -- 5 DIETING AND DEPRESSION: EMOTIONAL RESPONSES TO DIETING -- Does a State of Semi-Starvation and Dieting Produce Similar Behavioral Characteristics? -- Are Personality Tests Scores Different


    Barbara G Bauer, Ph.D. (Author) , Wayne P Anderson, Ph.D. (Author) , Robert W Hyatt (Author)