1st Edition

Bureaucracy and Administration

Edited By

Ali Farazmand

ISBN 9780824723699
Published June 23, 2009 by CRC Press
652 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Bureaucracy is an age-old form of government that has survived since ancient times; it has provided order and persisted with durability, dependability, and stability. The popularity of the first edition of this book, entitled Handbook of Bureaucracy, is testimony to the endurance of bureaucratic institutions. Reflecting the accelerated globalization of corporate capitalism, cultures, and governance systems and the additional complexity in the tasks of public administrators, Bureaucracy and Administration presents a comprehensive, global perspective that highlights the dramatic changes of the last 15 years in governance, business, and public administration.

 Reflects Dramatic Changes in Governance, Business, and Public Administration

Through articles contributed by international experts, this volume provides a thorough analysis of bureaucracies worldwide and their effect on politics, economics, and society. The book begins by exploring the historical antecedents of bureaucracy, looking at some of the great ancient civilizations and their administrative traditions, achievements, and contributions to modern administration and governance systems. In the next section, leading scholars from political science, sociology, governance, and public administration present a detailed review of theoretical and conceptual perspectives on bureaucracies and bureaucratic politics. Following an examination of bureaucracy and public management and presenting topics such as the response to Hurricane Katrina, training of bureaucrats, and ethical issues, contributors review bureaucratic politics in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. The book concludes with a focused analysis of bureaucracy, change, reform, and revolution, highlighting implications for future governance and administration.

Comprising theoretical and empirical analyses and including perspectives which span from ancient to modern times, this volume comprehensively and authoritatively advances the knowledge of the nature, role, and function of bureaucracy as the core of sound governance and administration around the world.

Table of Contents

Bureaucracy, Administration, and Politics: An Introduction, A. Farazmand

Historical Antecedents on Bureaucracy

Bureaucracy and the Administrative System of the Ancient World-State Persian

Empire: Implications for Modern Administration, A. Farazmand

Indian Legacy of Bureaucracy and Administration, V. Subramaniam

Bureaucracy in the Ottoman–Turkish Polity, M. Heper and A. Ü. Berkman

Theoretical and Conceptual Perspectives on Bureaucracy and Bureaucratic Politics

Bureaucratic Links between Administration and Politics, F. W. Riggs

A Parabolic Theory of Bureaucracy or Max Weber through the Looking Glass, G. E. Caiden

Building Blocks toward a Theory of Public Administration, G. E. Caiden

Bureaucracy, Democracy, and the New Public Management, S. G. Koven

Bureaucracy: A Profound Puzzle for Presidentialism, F. W. Riggs

Bureaucracy and Modernization, H. M. Johnson

Bureaucracy and Public Management

Bureaucracy and the Environmental Crisis: A Comparative Perspective, R. Khator

The Role of Efficiency in Bureaucratic Study, H. L. Schachter

Hurricane Katrina: Preparedness, Response, and the Politics Administration Dichotomy, M. J. Brennan and S. G. Koven

Exit Surveys: Are They Worth the Effort?, C. L. Jurkiewicz, R. A. Giacalone, and S. B. Knouse

Training Local Environmental Governance Leaders: A Case of International Cooperation, I. Suzuki

Ethical Foundations, O. G. Stahl

Public Service Ethics and Professionalism: A Primer for Public Officials, A. Farazmand

Bureaucracy and Bureaucratic Politics in the Americas

The American President as a Bureaucratic Leader, R. E. Dewhirst

The Globalization of Public Budgeting in the United States, P. Fisher and D. C. Nice

The Wright Brothers’ Contract: Lessons in Ambiguity and Bureaucracy, R. E. Lloyd

At the Intersection of Bureaucracy, Democracy, and the Media: The Effective Agency Spokesperson, M. Lee

Evolution and Revolution: Enduring Patterns and the Transformation of Latin American Bureaucracy, J. W. Hopkins

Bureaucratic Politics in Europe

Running the Bureaucratic State: Administration in France, D. Wilsford

Greek Bureaucracy and Public Administration: The Persistent Failure of Reform, C. P. Danopoulos and A. C. Danopoulos

Bureaucratic Politics in Asia and the Middle East

Globalization, Decentralization, and Public Entrepreneurship: Reorienting Bureaucracy in the People’s Republic of China, P. H. Koehn

Coping with Enhanced Administration: Estimating the Effectiveness of Public Service Training in Hong Kong, L. Vyas

Evaluation of Public Service Training in India: Providers, Consumers, and Outcome, A. S. Huque and L. Vyas

The Administrative Challenge of Population Policy: Lessons from China and India, P. C. Trogen and L. S. Felker

Big Businessmen at the Helm: The Politics of Conflict of Interest in Thailand, B. Bowornwathana

The Sociopolitical Structure and Public Administration in India, R.B. Jain

The Problems of Civil Service Reforms and Development in Bangladesh: Causes and Remedies, M. R. Islam

Bureaucracy and Bureaucratization, Change, and Revolution

Bureaucracy, Bureaucratization, and Debureaucratization in Ancient and Modern Iran, A. Farazmand

Bureaucracy and Debureaucratization: A Conceptual Analysis, D. Argyriades

Bureaucracy, Agrarian Reforms, and Regime Maintenance Politics: The Case of Prerevolutionary Iran, A. Farazmand

Bureaucracy and Reform in the Arab World, J. E. Jreisat

Bureaucracy and Revolution: The Case of Iran, A. Farazmand

Two Futures of Governing: Decentering and Recentering in Governing Processes, B. G. Peters


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