1st Edition

Business Clusters Partnering for Strategic Advantage

    404 Pages
    by Routledge India

    404 Pages
    by Routledge India

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    The book contains a selection of papers on business clusters in its multiple perspectives. It has evolved from the research symposium organized by the The Society for Global Business and Economic Development (SGBED), an international group of academicians, at Dubai during January 2009. It begins with an introduction to the concept of clusters, and then examines their link to a host of strategic issues, such as their nexus to competitive advantage, their performance vis-à-vis their competitors who are not similarly agglomerated, and the challenges in measuring the performance of clusters. Regional economic clusters have serious policy implications. Governments, local as well as national, have used clusters as the unit for investment and infrastructure upgrading policies. It focuses on the normative aspects as well as practices and provides pointers on how public policies can help the development and growth of regional economic clusters. With numerous examples and cases from a host countries such as Dubai, Mexico, Spain and Karnataka (India), the book is a must read for all students of business strategy.

    I. Introduction -- II. Section 1 – Regional Economic Clusters – an Empirical Perspective -- 1. Cluster or Satellite Platform: A Comparative Study/John Hobbs, Richard Maloney, and Michael Walsh -- 2. Technology Specialists as Knowledge Gatekeepers/Rebecca Mitchell, John Burgess, Jennifer Waterhouse, and Karen McNeil -- 3. Creating Competitive Advantage through Collaboration: An Action Led Research Approach/Martin Rahe, Mariano Najles, and Jordi Garcia -- 4. Clusters as a Tool for Increasing the Performance of Companies: Good Practices Used by Selected Clusters/Eva Jircikova -- 5. Models and Approaches to Measuring and Managing Performance of Clusters and Cluster Initiatives/Adriana Knapkova, Drahomira Pavelkova, and Libor Friedel -- 6. Are Firms in Knowledge and Technology-Intensive Sectors Located within Regional Clusters more Effi cient? Some Empirical Evidence from Eastern Europe/Kornelia Kozovska -- 7. Differences and Similarities in Conditions for the Establishment and Development of Clusters in Poland and the Czech Republic/Magdalena Bialic and Drahomira Pavelkova -- 8. CSR, Cluster Groups, and Stakeholder Engagement in the Indian Context: Towards Sustainable Government Structures/Catherine Nickerson and Subrat Sahu -- 9. Application of Real Options Analysis for Biotech-Cluster Formation: Optimal Investment Timing of Biotech Start-ups Under Uncertainty/Takao Fujiwara -- 10. Industrial Clusters, Human Capital, and Regional Growth/Nibedita Saha and Drahomira Pavelkova -- III. Section 2 – Clusters and Public Policy -- 11. Regional Development and the “Dubai Model”: Some Observations and Experiences/Julia Connell and Michael Thorpe -- 12. Public Policies to Enhance Cluster Development/Kerry Brown, John Burgess, Marion Festing, Robyn Keast, Susanne Royer, Charlotte Steffen and Jennifer Waterhouse -- 13. The “Visible” Hand: Government Policy’s Effect on Regional Competitive Clusters/Ram Subramanian and C. Jayachandran -- IV. Section 3 – Case Studies on Clusters -- 14. Development of and Success Factors in a Mexican Software Cluster/Claudia Diaz-Perez -- 15. TIC Cluster in Asturias (Spain): A Success Case/Karla Paola Jimenéz and Beatriz Junquera -- 16. Spatial Clusters in Organic Farming – A Case Study of Pulses Cultivation in Karnataka/Gopal Naik and Vishnuprasad Nagadevara -- 17. The Impact of Educational and Banking Industry Clusters on Urban Land Expansion: An Exploratory Study of Mangalore City of Karnataka, India/U. Arabi and Mustaf -- Author Biographies.


    C. Jayachandran, Center for International Business (CIB) and International Trade Counseling Center (ITCC), Montclair State University

    Michael Thorpe, University of Wollongong, Dubai (UOWD)

    Ram Subramanian, School of Business, Montclair State University

    Vishnuprasad Nagadevara, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore