1st Edition

Business, Ethics and Institutions The Evolution of Turkish Capitalism in Global Perspectives

Edited By Asli M. Colpan, Geoffrey Jones Copyright 2020
    268 Pages
    by Routledge

    268 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book is the first systematic scholarly study on the business history of Turkey from the nineteenth century until the present. It aims to place the distinctive characteristics of capitalism in Turkey within a global and comparative perspective, dealing with three related issues. First, it examines the institutional context that shaped the capitalist development in Turkey. Second, it focuses on the corporate actors, entrepreneurs and business enterprises that have led the national economic growth. Third, it explores the ethical foundations and social responsibility of business enterprises in the country. The comparative and historical approach sets the volume apart from previous books on the subject.

    Business, Ethics and Institutions aims to strengthen scholarly and policy understanding of Turkish capitalism and the diversified business groups which dominate the economy by providing a deep analysis of the evolution of political and social institutions which shaped corporate activity. It demonstrates the key role played by large family-owned business groups in Turkey’s development. It also seeks to identify both the similarities and the differences in the Turkish pattern of economic development, making comparisons with Japan, an early example of catch-up, and a more successful model than Turkey. The comparative perspective makes the book highly relevant to a wide range of scholars interested in the institutional foundations of modern capitalism and will be of value to researchers, academics, and students in the fields of business and economic history, ethics, organizational studies, and entrepreneurship.

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    PART I Institutions and Capitalist Development

    1 Business, Ethics and Institutions: The Evolution of Turkish Capitalism in a Comparative Perspective  

    Asli M. Colpan And Geoffrey Jones

    2 Institutions and Business Organizations in the Late Ottoman Empire and Early Turkish Republic

    Seven Ağir

    3 Politics and the Development of Capitalism in Turkey

    Ayşe Buğra

    4 Development of Business Groups and Entrepreneurship: The Koç Group in Global Perspective

    Asli M. Colpan And Geoffrey Jones

    5 Islamic Capitalism and the Rise of Religious-Conservative Big Business

    Kristin Fabbe, Űmit Őzlale And Efe Murat Balikçioğlu

    6 Reciprocity in Business-Government Relations: A Comparative Perspective

    Patrick Fridenson

    Part II Corporate Actors and Public Interest

    7 Governance and Social Responsibility in Large Turkish Firms

    Burçin Yurtoğlu

    8 Owners and Salaried Managers in Turkish Family Business Groups

    Behlűl Űsdiken

    9 Ethics and Corruption: Contrasting Perspectives of the General Public and Business Community in Turkey

    Ali Çarkoğlu

    10 Ethical Business, Corruption and Economic Development in Comparative Perspective

    Janet Hunter And Geoffrey Jones

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    Asli M. Colpan is Professor of Corporate Strategy at the Graduate School of Management and Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University, Japan; and Visiting Professor at Koç University, Turkey.

    Geoffrey Jones is Isidor Straus Professor of Business History at the Harvard Business School, Boston, United States.