1st Edition

Business Ethics and Strategy, Volumes I and II

Edited By Alan E. Singer
    1144 Pages
    by Routledge

    This volume is intended as a reference for those interested in the relationship between business strategy and business ethics, broadly conceived. Several articles have been selected from various leading journals in management, strategy and ethics. An introductory chapter provides an overview of the articles but it also relates them systematically to a fundamental dualism involving values, ethics and politics, all viewed from the perspective of business and business studies.

    Contents: Volume I: Series preface; Foreword Introduction; Part I Frameworks (Integrative Frameworks): Mapping moral philosophies: strategic implications for multinational firms, Christopher J. Robertson and William F. Crittenden; A single framework for strategic and ethical behavior in the international context, Scott J. Reynolds; Strategy as moral philosophy, Alan E. Singer; Corporate social responsibility: a 3-domain approach, Mark S. Schwartz and Archie B. Carroll; An agent morality view of business policy, Dennis P. Quinn and Thomas M. Jones. Part II Economics (Economic Principles and Ethical Strategies): Self-interest, self-deception and the ethics of commerce, M. Ali Khan; The 'invisible hand', Jan Narveson; Corporate social responsibility: a theory of the firm perspective, Abagail McWilliams and Donald Siegel; Economics, business principles and moral sentiments, Amartya Sen. Part III Globalization (Corporations as Global Citizens: The battle in Seattle: reconciling 2 world views on corporate culture, John Dobson; Business citizenship: from domestic to global level of analysis, Jeanne M. Logsdon and Donna J. Wood; Globalization and the ethics of business, John R. Boatright; Globalization and ethical global business, Jane Collier. Part IV Market Limitations (Strategic Responses to Market Limitations): Globalization and the good corporation: a need for proactive co-existence, S. Prakash Sethi; A model of value creation: strategic view, Cengiz Haksever, Radha Chaganti and Ronald G. Cook; Enterprise action for the common good: market limitations as strategic problems, Alan E. Singer. Part V Environment (Green Strategy and Environmental Policy): Toward green narrative: management and the evolutionary epic, Ken Starkey and Andrew Crane; Corporate strategies and environmental regulations: an organizing framework, Alan M. Rugman and Alain Verbeke; Commentary on 'Corporate strategies and environmental regulations: an organizing framework' by A.M. Rugman and A. Verbeke


    Alan E. Singer is James Holshonnuser Distinguished Professor of Ethics at Appalachian State University, North Carolina. Previously he was the John Aram Professor of Business Ethics at Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington and Reader in Strategic Management at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand.