1st Edition

Business Ethics and Sustainability

By Roman Meinhold Copyright 2022
    214 Pages 61 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    214 Pages 61 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book equips readers with the knowledge, insights and key capabilities to understand and practice business activities from ethical and sustainable vantage points.

    In our interconnected global business environment, the impacts of business activities are under increased ethical scrutiny from a wide range of stakeholders. Written from an international perspective, this book introduces the theory and practice of ethical and sustainable business, focusing in particular on eco-environmental sustainability, intergenerational responsibilities, current disruptive technologies, and intercultural values of the business community and consumers. Written by an expert author who also brings to the fore non-Western concepts and themes, this book:

    • features positive case studies, as well as transferrable and applicable key insights from such cases;
    • highlights the importance of taking cultural differences into account;
    • takes a transdisciplinary approach which considers findings from research fields including conceptual and empirical business ethics, behavioral economics, ecological economics, environmental ethics, and the philosophy of culture;
    • weaves in pedagogical features throughout, including up-to-date case studies, study questions, thought experiments, links to popular movies, and key takeaways.

    Written in an accessible and student-friendly manner, this book will be of great interest to students of business ethics, environmental ethics, applied ethics, and sustainable development, as well as business practitioners striving toward ethical, sustainable, and responsible business practice.

    1. Business and Ethics: Contradiction and Success Story

    2. Ethics and Business: Down the Philosophical Rabbit Hole

    3. Normative Ethical Foundations of Business Ethics: The Big Five

    4. Sustainability and Organizations’ Environmental Responsibility: Trash and Treasures

    5. Ethical Stakeholder Analysis and Ethical SWOT Analysis

    6. Disruptive Technologies and Business Ethics

    7. Business Ethics in Media, Marketing, Advertising, and Fashion

    8. Intercultural Business Ethics and Sustainability

    9. Systemic Issues

    10. Conclusion


    Roman Meinhold is an Associate Professor of Philosophy teaching Business Ethics and Sustainability at Mahidol University’s International College, Thailand. He has taught Ethics and Philosophy courses at Assumption University of Thailand, the National University of Lesotho, and at the Weingarten University of Education, Germany. His publications deal with issues in Business Ethics, Sustainability, Environmental Thought, Well-Being, Cultural Critique, Art, and Aesthetics. His current research is focused on sustainability and organizations’ environmental, intergenerational, transcultural, and technological responsibilities. Roman is a member of the Australasian Business Ethics Network (ABEN) and the editor of the Asia Pacific Journal of Religions and Cultures hosted by Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University.

    "In business as in life there is no ethics-free zone, and students will look for guidance in steering their course through the many challenges awaiting them. This book prepares them well by laying a solid foundation in ethical theory with only a minimum of technical terminology, but with numerous cases and thought experiments for ethical decision-making that stimulate students’ moral imagination to develop their own pathways towards solutions they can ethically justify."

    Gerhold K. Becker, Founding Director, Centre for Applied Ethics, Hong Kong Baptist University


    "Gandhi once pointed out that commerce without morality is a social sin. In this excellent book, Roman Meinhold has provided practical ethical guidelines not just only for business students but also entrepreneurs and professionals. It is an invaluable asset for our future commercial society."

    Warayuth Sriwarakuel, Vice President for Research, Assumption University of Thailand


    Business Ethics and Sustainability is an incredibly valuable asset for any businessperson, young or experienced, to challenge old norms about business ethics and profitability working against each other and hopefully it will allow more people to understand that these two concepts can in fact work harmoniously hand-in-hand."

    Quincy Yu, Senior Vice President, Tycoon Music Co. Ltd.


    "The book is a highly recommended useful tool for current students and future global leaders."

    Khothatso Tšooana, Principal Secretary Ministry of Health, Lesotho; former Commissioner of Police, Lesotho Mounted Police Service, Lesotho