1st Edition

Business Model Transformation The AI & Cloud Technology Revolution

By Danny Samson, Alon Ellis, Stuart Black Copyright 2023
    200 Pages 8 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    200 Pages 8 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    A large opportunity exists for Australian organisations to use new and powerful technologies (Artificial intelligence [AI] and Cloud technologies) to transform their businesses to keep pace with or ahead of the leading edge of competitiveness.  

    This book showcases inspirational Australian case studies in order to inspire Australian (and non-Australian) organisations to undertake the challenge. This book synthesises the key learnings and contrasts those with the conventional wisdom on this topic. The book also defines what AI- and Cloud-based business transformations are and what they can do for businesses. Furthermore, it explains why it is imperative that businesses should address the business opportunities of these technological advancements, without going into the technical details any more than the ‘literacy’ that is necessary for business leaders. Finally, it also includes international best practice case studies beyond the usual suspects.

    This book provides guidance and motivation for business executives, managers and students interested in innovating and transforming their businesses through the use of the two critical new technologies.

    1.Introduction to AI/Cloud-Enabled Business Transformation 2. Antecedent Capabilities of AI- or Cloud-Enabled Business Transformation 3. Local Case Studies 4. International Leading Practice 5. The Business-relevant Details behind AI and Cloud Technology 6. Innovation 7. The Board, Executive and Leadership’s Role in BMT 8. What’s Next for AI- and Cloud-Enabled Innovation in the Australian Business Environment 9. So What should I Do Now? Appendix 1. Diagnostic Questions for Antecedent Capabilities Appendix 2. Further References, Definitions and Background Research


    Danny Samson (BE Hons, PhD) has been Professor of Management at the University of Melbourne for over three decades, teaching and researching in decision sciences and operations/supply chain management. He has published over a dozen books and 150 research papers. He started his career as a chemical engineer in the petrochemical sector, from which he has strong interests in manufacturing, technology development and innovation management. He has worked extensively in five continents as a board member, adviser to senior executives, executive educator and consultant in a variety of industries including banking and insurance, automotive, oil and gas, building, engineering, and health/hospitals, as well as providing high level advice to governments. His most recent publications have been in the areas of strategic leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship, and implementing strategic change.

    Alon Ellis (BE Elec., BSc Comp. Sci) is a Senior Partner in Deloitte’s Strategy Consulting business (Monitor Deloitte) and primarily focusses on up-front enterprise strategy design, as organisations look to transform themselves. He began his career in a start-up, focussed on bringing analytical advancements in price optimisation and lifetime value modelling to the insurance industry. He has since transitioned to a variety of other areas of management consulting including innovation and operations, and has worked in transformation and line roles in industry. He has also gained experience across a range of additional industries including banking, telecommunications, logistics and transport, and worked extensively in the US, the UK and Australia.

    Stuart Black (BSEE, BA (Economics), MBA) is an Enterprise Fellow at the University of Melbourne. Stuart is also finalising his PhD at the University of Melbourne. Stuart’s research interest is in business model disruption and data, with a particular focus on governance and application of the secondary use of data. Prior to returning to academia, Stuart spent 30 years in professional services (Andersen Consulting, A.T. Kearney and Deloitte) and industry, retiring as a Senior Partner of Deloitte Australia. Over that time, Stuart worked with clients across Asia, Australasia, Europe and North America, on strategy, operations and strategic IT issues for clients in industries such as automotive, financial services, oil and gas, and telecommunications.  

     'AI is hardly a new concept, yet the widespread application thereof is still very limited – especially in the redesign of business models and the reconfiguration of value propositions. It is not the knowledge that is holding us back – it is the leadership resolve to do something meaningful. This book is both a wakeup call and a guide on how to apply this known technology in a meaningful way. It is not something to be afraid of, it is the value language of the today.'

    Gerhard Vorster, Board Member, Managing Director of Quidni Advisory and Patron Emeritus of Good Design Australia

    'Cloud and Artificial Intelligence are the two major disruptive technology forces of today. Samson, Ellis and Black avoid the temptation of a simple model and instead have sought insight from a wide range of well written case studies. Pleasingly, for an Australian audience, many of these are home-grown! Finding some surprises and much evidence for the need to innovate, everyone from board members through to line managers has much to gain by learning through the experiences of organisations large and small that have already taken the leap.'

    Rob Hillard, Deloitte Asia Pacific Consulting Leader and Chairman, Australian Information Industry Association

    'This book offers insights on the best practices of business transformations through new technologies. The book draws on the authors’ wealth of experience and makes a compelling case for firms to implement Cloud-based and AI solutions to gain a competitive edge. It would be a useful guide for anyone interested in integrating AI or related technologies in business to improve processes.'

    Eric Knight, Executive Dean and Professor of Strategic Management, Macquarie University, Australia

    'The change in perspective needed for companies to transform with AI or Cloud technologies is something challenging, but highly rewarding. I find that this book provides a good understanding of how this could be done in practice, by combining new insights and explanations with relevant real-life cases. That would help readers to have a better understanding of how to transform companies to a new business landscape.'

    Joakim Wincent, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Management and Organization at Hanken School of Economics, Finland and at the University of St Gallen, Switzerland

    'This book contributes to a much-needed conversation. I agree with one part of the book which talks about the gap between business and technology competency in firms. This gap is especially evident in many business schools where teaching typically concerns traditional disciplines, ignoring the crucial link between business and modern technology. This book should therefore be studied by contemporary business students so that they learn to act in a digitalised business world.'

    Thommie Burström, Assistant Professor, Entrepreneurship Institution, Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki/Finland