1st Edition

Business Models and Firm Internationalisation

    222 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    222 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Internationalisation has been a binding request for firms dealing with the challenges of the present-day realities. Extant international business publications have recently begun to point out the relationship between the notions of ‘business model’ and ‘internationalisation’, yet the filed needs considerably more attention.

    The core aim of this book is to provide a comprehensive analysis of the ways in which business models and internationalisation impact one another in the process of initiating and expanding international business activities. The analysis makes it feasible to detect the core issues of the interdependences between business models and internationalisation to facilitate management decision-making and implementation of pertinent firm internationalisation incorporating the application of appropriate business models. In this book, the business model is applied to explore the specifics and aspects of firm internationalisation processes. Innovating the business model is analysed as a persuasive means for augmenting the propensities of firms to internationalise. The book enriches the comprehension of the significance of business model innovation as an enabler of firm internationalisation, in view that scares in what manners business model innovation facilitate firm internationalisation.

    The book chapters address a broad range of issues encompassing: the general roles of business model in firm internationalisation, the relationships between digital business models and platforms on one side and firm internationalisation on another, how business models determine the internationalisation of services firms, the interplay between business models and firm internationalisation in specific contexts. It will, therefore, be of interest to researchers, academics and advanced students in the fields of international business and management.

    1. Review on Business Models and Firm Internationalisation

    Christian Nielsen, Svetla T. Marinova and Marin A. Marinov 

    PART I - The Role of Business Models in Firm Internationalisation

    2. Framing Firm Internationalisation: A Business Model Perspective

    Mika Yrjölä and Hannu Kuusela 

    3. Internationalisation and Business Model Adaptation: A "Five-Vs" Perspective 

    Christian Nielsen, Kristian Brøndum and Svetla T. Marinova 

    4. The Effects of Platform Business Models on Internationalisation Outcomes and Speed

    Tamara Galkina, Irina Atkova and Petri Ahokangas

    5. Business Model Creation and International New Ventures

    Svante Andersson and Petri Ahokangas

    PART II - Digital Business Models and Platforms in Firm Internationalisation

    6. Business Model Transformation during Firm Internationalisation: Stretching from Japan to the US Market

    William W. Baber, Arto Ojala, Makoto Sarata and Muga Tsukamoto 

    7. Digital Platforms as Disrupting Business Models for Internationalisation

    Mika Yrjölä, Malla Mattila, Pia Hautamäki and Marjukka Mikkonen 

    PART III - Business Model Specifics in Firm Internationalisation

    8. Crafting SME Business Model for International Expansion with Data-Driven Services 

    Taina Eriksson, Marikka Heikkilä and Niina Nummela

    9. Firm Business Models, Internationalisation and Marketing: The Role of Context

    Deusdedit A. Rwehumbiza and Marin A. Marinov

    10. Together or Alone? Value Creation Logics in Internationalised Service Firms 

    Agnieszka Nowinska and Svetla T. Marinova


    Christian Nielsen is Professor of Business Models at Aalborg University Business School, Aalborg University, Denmark.

    Svetla T. Marinova is Professor of International Business and International Marketing at Aalborg University Business School, Aalborg University, Denmark.

    Marin A. Marinov is Professor of International Business at Aalborg University Business School, Aalborg University, Denmark.