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Routledge Frontiers in the Development of International Business, Management and Marketing

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There are various aspects in which diver factors affect the way international business activities are performed as well as the ones in the functional areas of management and marketing. The process of globalisation based on deepened economic interdependence among countries due to international flows of goods and services, investment, and knowledge has recently been put to a test with clear trends in diminishing the significance of integrations and manifestations of nationalism and protectionism.

Globalisation encompasses globalisation of markets and production. The globalisation of markets has been interpreted as standardisation of products worldwide. However, with the recent developments this type of globalisation diminishes in scope and significance. More specifically, the developed national markets of the advanced economies worldwide now present new challenges to international business development. Hence, marketing activities have become more country-specifics that challenges the creation of future marketing strategies on national and firm level. The limitations in the globalisation of markets affects production globalisation. Trends are that globalisation of production will continue to diminish, possibly progressively, due to the newly increased trade barriers, from increasing costs of transportation, as well as continuously augmenting political, economic, and social risks among many other factors.

This book series is responsible for the publication of a variety of comprehensive books devoted to the major challenges and corresponding trends in the current development of international business, management, and marketing. By means of uniform high quality in terms of product, content clarity and writing style, every volume delivers indispensable contributions for clarifying the specifics and interpretations of the current challenges and ways to deals with them in the fields of international business, management, and marketing. The volumes in the series afford wide-ranging sources to all studying and researching in these broad fields.

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Reconfiguration of Business Models and Ecosystems Decoupling and Resilience

Reconfiguration of Business Models and Ecosystems: Decoupling and Resilience

1st Edition


Edited By Svetla T. Marinova, Marin A. Marinov
August 26, 2024

Decoupling of business models and ecosystems is the disconnection of certain characteristic activities originally planned and completed in coincidence. It could bring in an immense adverse shock in the functioning of established business models and ecosystems possibly bringing them to resilience. ...

Internationalization and Organizations Challenges and Prospects

Internationalization and Organizations: Challenges and Prospects

1st Edition

Edited By Eric Davoine, Olivier Furrer, Sophie Nivoix
April 05, 2024

To fill in the gap in theoretical and empirical aspects in the existing international management literature, the book covers a broad variety of issues relating to the challenges facing companies after the recent worldwide crises of financial, sanitary, and geopolitical nature. The book offers an ...

Virtual Teams Across National Borders

Virtual Teams Across National Borders

1st Edition

Edited By Marin A. Marinov
November 03, 2023

Virtual teams can be traced back to the 1990s with the debauched development of communication technologies as well as the fast extension of the internet. Virtual teams possess unique features allowing them to combine cultural multiplicity, specific tasks, physical remoteness of team members, ...

Business Models and Firm Internationalisation

Business Models and Firm Internationalisation

1st Edition

Edited By Christian Nielsen, Svetla Marinova, Marin Marinov
September 25, 2023

Internationalisation has been a binding request for firms dealing with the challenges of the present-day realities. Extant international business publications have recently begun to point out the relationship between the notions of ‘business model’ and ‘internationalisation’, yet the filed needs ...

Consumer Culture Theory in Asia History and Contemporary Issues

Consumer Culture Theory in Asia: History and Contemporary Issues

1st Edition

Edited By Yuko Minowa, Russell Belk
September 25, 2023

We live in times of increasing world uncertainty. Consumer culture in Asia has embodied such precariousness, with their unprecedented states of both prosperity and vulnerability. Works in this volume examine the consumer cultures that exist in today’s precarious Asia. They do this through ...

Managerial Relationships and SMEs Internationalization Un-weaving the Fabric of Business Performance

Managerial Relationships and SMEs Internationalization: Un-weaving the Fabric of Business Performance

1st Edition

By Elena-Mădălina Vătămănescu, Andreea Mitan
September 22, 2023

As the "backbone of the economy," small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are key players in the dynamics of local, regional, and global markets, and are often obliged to provide timely responses to the increasingly fierce cross-border competition. However, SMEs internationalisation has ...

Firm Internationalization Intangible Resources and Development

Firm Internationalization: Intangible Resources and Development

1st Edition

Edited By Sophie Nivoix, Christian Marcon
September 01, 2023

In a fast-moving, globalized world, companies need to develop contingent plans. This book, by analyzing the practical aspects of creating and using intangible resources for international development, offers original and relevant insights on this subject. The book offers a comprehensive analysis of ...

Philosophy of Marketing The New Realist Approach

Philosophy of Marketing: The New Realist Approach

1st Edition

By Matteo Giannasi, Francesco Casarin
May 31, 2023

How can we overcome the rapidly ageing postmodernist paradigm, which has become sterile orthodoxy in marketing? This book answers this crucial question using fresh philosophical tools developed by New Realism. It indicates the opportunities missed by marketing due to the pervasive postmodernist ...

Open Internationalization Strategy

Open Internationalization Strategy

1st Edition

Edited By Nadine Tournois, Philippe Very
August 29, 2022

Open internationalization is a concept that brings a new perspective on the process of firm internationalization. As theories of internationalization show, some companies expand abroad only on their own, known as closed internationalization, while others combine their resources with those of other ...

Covid-19 and International Business Change of Era

Covid-19 and International Business: Change of Era

1st Edition

Edited By Marin Marinov, Svetla Marinova
August 01, 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic has induced a crisis grasping the world abruptly, simultaneously, and swiftly. As a critical juncture, it ignited a change of era for international business. This book illustrates how governments have dealt with the pandemic and the consequent impacts on international business...

Cross-cultural Challenges in International Management

Cross-cultural Challenges in International Management

1st Edition

Edited By Bruno Amann, Jacques Jaussaud
April 29, 2022

The development of international business and of globalization in every field of activity requires the interaction of individuals and groups with diverse cultural, religious, ethnic and social characteristics in different institutional contexts. Cross-cultural Challenges in International Management...

Value in Marketing Retrospective and Perspective Stance

Value in Marketing: Retrospective and Perspective Stance

1st Edition

Edited By Marin Marinov
November 27, 2019

The concept of value has been at the heart of marketing thought and practice. Marketers strive to develop a unique value proposition to satisfy the needs of customers in order to create a differentiated offering to targeted customers, be they end consumers or business users. It is the unique value ...

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