5th Edition

Business Process Management Practical Guidelines to Successful Implementations

By John Jeston Copyright 2022
    632 Pages 178 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    632 Pages 178 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Business Process Management has helped thousands of leaders and BPM practitioners successfully implement BPM projects, enabling them to add impactful and measurable value to their organizations. The book covers all major frameworks, including LEAN and Six Sigma, and offers a unique emphasis on BPM’s interrelationship with organizational management, culture, and leadership. Its common-sense approach teaches how BPM must be well-integrated across an entire business if it is to be successful, augmented and aligned with other management disciplines.

    This thoroughly revised and updated fifth edition includes:

    • Discussion of the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on business operations, business transformation, remote working, and new processes.
    • New and revised content on sustainable processes in BPM.
    • Expanded material on process automation and new technologies, including AI.
    • New and revised international case studies and practical examples.
    • A streamlined layout, as well as new questions and thought-provoking comments to promote discussion and thinking.

    Business Process Management is an accessible core text for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students studying Business Process Management, Operations, Production, and Strategic Management, as well as an indispensable guide to any senior business executive or chief financial officer.

    The work is complemented by online resources to support instructors and learning, including PowerPoint slides for each chapter.

    Part I. Frequently asked questions
    Chapter 1. What is business process management?
    Chapter 2. How can we demystify business process management?
    Chapter 3. Who should be involved in BPM, and the critical success factors
    Chapter 4. When should you do BPM – What are the main drivers and triggers?
    Chapter 5. How should you start BPM – Bottom-up or top-down?
    Chapter 6. Why is it important to improve business processes before automating them?
    Chapter 7. What are the technology components of BPM?
    Chapter 8. Should you be customer-centric?
    Chapter 9. Why is determining BPM foundations a critical first step?
    Chapter 10. Why do you need a structured approach to implementing BPM?
    Part II. BPM – How do you do it?
    Chapter 11. 7FE framework overview
    Chapter 12. Guidelines on how to use the 7FE framework
    Chapter 13. Foundations phase
    Chapter 14. Enablement phase
    Chapter 15. Launch phase
    Chapter 16. Understand phase
    Chapter 17. Innovate phase
    Chapter 18. People phase
    Chapter 19. Develop phase
    Chapter 20. Implement phase
    Chapter 21. Realize phase
    Chapter 22. Sustainability phase
    Chapter 23. Essentials introduction
    Chapter 24. Project management
    Chapter 25. People change management
    Chapter 26. Leadership
    Chapter 27. Organizational sustainability and performance management
    Part III. Introduction
    Chapter 28. Case studies from the USA, Asia and Europe
    Chapter 29. BPM maturity


    John Jeston has over 40 years’ experience in senior executive and consulting positions. He runs an international consultancy, Management By Process Pty Ltd.

    'The author expertly projects enhanced and practicable frameworks and solutions updated with the latest analysis, risks, benefits, impact and developments in relation with process automation, relevant strategy and change in the workforce. This fifth edition is well supported by revised case studies."

    - Reza Mohammadi, MSc Programme Director at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh Campus

    'This text is a must for all business process improvement professionals, and is regularly opened in my process-related work for both public and private sector organisations. From early career to seasoned expert, this book’s theory and practical examples can add a string to anyone’s bow.'

    - Declan Norrie (LLB, BSc(REM)), public sector legal and consulting advisor