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Business Process Transformation

    368 Pages
    by Routledge

    366 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Featuring contributions from prominent thinkers and researchers, this volume in the "Advances in Management Information Systems" series provides a rich set of conceptual, empirical, and introspective studies that epitomize fundamental knowledge in the area of Business Process Transformation. Processes are interpreted broadly to include operational and managerial processes within and between organizations, as well as those involved in knowledge generation. Transformation includes radical and incremental change, its conduct, management, and outcome. The editors and contributing authors pay close attention to the role of IS organizations and information technologies in facilitating business process transformation. Each chapter places major emphasis on clearly articulating the "knowledge" generated, both theoretical and applied. The book incorporates case studies and tables throughout, and provides fundamental grounding for any stakeholder of business process transformation.

    Series Editor's; Introduction, Vladimir Zwass; Foreword, Tom Davenport; 1. Consolidating Knowledge on the Journey of Business Process Transformation, M. Lynne Markus and Varun Grover; Part I. Tracing Business Processes and Transformation; 2. Whatever Happened to Business Process Reengineering? The Rise, Fall, and Possible Revival of Business Process Reengineering from the Organizing Vision Perspective, Ping Wang; 3. Business Processes: Four Perspectives, Nuno Melao and Michael Pidd; Part II. Fundamental Approaches to the Analysis and Redesign of Business Processes; 4. The Bug Fixing Process in Proprietary and Free/Libre Open Source Software: A Coordination Theory Analysis, Kevin Crowston; 5. Transforming Business Process Transformation with Diagnostic Knowledge-Based Tools, Mark E. Nissen; Part III. The Role of Information Technology in Organizational Change; 6. Breaking the Functional Mindset: The Role of Information Technology, Ann Majchrzak; 7. ERP-enabled Business Process Reengineering: Implications from Texas Instruments, Joseph Sarkis and R. P. Sundarraj; Part IV. Transformation Across a Spectrum of Business Processes; 8. Redesigning IT-Enabled Customer Support Processes for Dynamic Environments, Omar A. El Sawy; 9. Transforming the New Product Development Process: Leveraging and Managing Knowledge, Anne P. Massey, Mitzi Montoya-Weiss, and Tony M. O'Driscoll; 10. Business Network Redesign Methodologies in Action, Rainer Alt; Part V. Success and Failure in Business Process Transformation; 11. Successful Business Process Transformation at J.D. Edwards, Dursun Delen and Nikunj Dalal; 12. A Case Study of Business Process Reengineering Failure, Allen S. Lee and Suprateek Sarker; Part VI. Trends and Challenges in Transforming Business Processes; 13. Transforming Human Resource Processes Through Outsourcing: Enterprise Partnership at BAE Systems, Leslie P. Willcocks, Mary Lacity, and David Feeny; 14. Problems in the Transfer of Reengineering Efforts: An Illustrative Case. Sue Newell, Linda Edelman, Harry Scarbrough, Jacky Swan, and Mike Bresnen; 15. Process Management, Technological Innovation, and Organizational Adaptation, Mary J. Benner and Michael Tushman; Editors and Contributors; Series Editor; Index.


    Varun Grover, Varun Grover, M Lynne Markus