1st Edition

Business Transformation Essentials Case Studies and Articles

By Axel Uhl, Lars Alexander Gollenia Copyright 2013
    280 Pages
    by Routledge

    280 Pages
    by Routledge

    Transformation programs are an common feature of global companies carrying out major strategic change projects. These programs combine business and technical expertise to bring together management and information systems. Managers rate firms' transformation competencies relatively poorly, and the success rate of such endeavours is correspondingly low.

    Using a variety of case studies including: Allianz SE, Shell, SAP, Vodafone, and Mercedes-Benz, this book provides unprecedented insights into characteristics of current transformation programs and the potential that can be leveraged by applying a holistic transformation management approach.

    1. Introduction (Axel Uhl & Lars Alexander Gollenia)

    2. Transformational Management Survey (Gerrit Lahrmann, Robert Winter, Axe Uhl)

    3. Chief Innovation Officer (Axel Uhl, Kim MacGillavry, Lars Gollenia)

    4. The Transformational CIO (Axel Uhl, Lars Gollenia, Uli Muench)

    5. Digital Renewal of 130 Years of World Class Music (Axel Uhl, Alexander Schmid, Robert Zimmermann)

    6. The Downturn of Battleship: How the Proud British Automotive Industry Failed to Transform (Till Schauen, Axel Uhl)

    7. Lean Transformation at Mercedes-Benz (Joachim Follman, Sebastian Laack, Helmut Schutt, Axel Uhl)

    8. Smart Mobility (John Ward, Paul Stratil, Axel Uhl, Alexander Schmid)

    9. Pro3 at Allianz (Axel Uhl, Oliver Hanslik)

    10. Who's the Leader? Financial Integration at a Global Insurance Company (Gabriel Giordano, Annabelle Giordano, Tomasz Janasz)

    11. Vodaphone Answers Call to Transformation (Michaela Kresak, Lilian Corvington, Frits Wiegel, Guido Wokurka, Stephanie Teufel, Peter Williamson)

    12. Shell Human Resources Transformation (Dominic Houlder, Guido Wokurka, Robert Gunther)

    13. A Global HR Transformation (Theresa Schmiedel, Jan vom Brocke, Axel Uhl, Stephanie Zeitz)

    14. Titoni Ltd: An Independent Swiss Watch Brand in China (Matthias Messmer)

    15. The Evolution of SAP Services (Oliver Muller, Jan vom Brocke, Thomas von ALm, Axel Uhl)

    16. How Hilti Masters Transformation (Jan vom Brocke, Martin Petry, Theresa Schmiedel)

    17. Enterprise Architecture and Transformation (Robert Winter, Simon Townson, Axel Uhl, Nils Labusch, Joerg Noack)

    18. BTM2 and ASAP: SAP's Perfect Match (Axel Uhl, Jan Musil, Tammy Johnson, Lisa Kouch)


    Axel Uhl is Head of the Business Transformation Academy and a member of the Business Transformation Services Leadership Team within the Services Division of SAP. Dr Uhl is a professor at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland. Prior to joining SAP, he held senior management positions at Novartis, KPMG, DaimlerChrysler and Allianz. He has a PhD in Economics, and Master degrees in Business Administration, Educational Sciences and Information Technology. Lars Gollenia is Head of the global Business Transformation Services at SAP and a member of the SAP Services Delivery Executive team. Lars is the co-founder and sponsor of the Business Transformation Academy, a leadership network comprising leading academics and selected executives. He has held positions in the management consulting space. Gollenia is a Graduate in Business Administration from the Friedrich-Schiller University of Jena, Germany and studied economics and international management at Harvard.

    ’There is a very broad range of transformation programs described in this book - covering more than eight different industries and various functions within organizations. The remarkable amount of expertise gathered here makes this work a must read for every transformation practitioner.’

    Amadou Diallo, Chief Executive Officer, DHL Freight

    'This case book indeed provides illustrative studies of many different facets of real-life transformation programs. The industry-specific aspects are especially enlightening and enable strategic decision makers as well as managers to gain knowledge from well-documented initiatives.’

    Hans-Peter Wolf, Allianz

    ’The sound analysis of transformation initiatives, as well as descriptions of methodological perspectives presented in this book illustrate very well the breakthroughs and the pitfalls in the metamorphosis of organizations. Through a set of key learnings and recommendations, the authors offer valuable lessons for everyone involved in such complex undertakings.’

    Jörg Staff, Fiducia

    'Many organizations nowadays struggle with the challenge of transforming organizations within global initiatives. This book provides comprehensive experience and practical guidance for successful completion of such endeavors. It is helpful for large as well as medium-sized companies.’

    Dr. Helmut Meitner, Director Corporate IT, Ströer Group