1st Edition

Business Wargaming Securing Corporate Value

    150 Pages
    by Routledge

    152 Pages
    by Routledge

    Industry consolidation, mergers, changes to business models, the emergence of new threats all require managers to understand highly complex situations, assess risk and opportunity and make informed decisions. How can senior managers do this effectively when so often they are wrestling with brand new scenarios? One of the emerging solutions is business wargaming. Daniel F. Oriesek and Jan Oliver Schwarz provide the first comprehensive look at wargaming as a business tool in a book that explores the anatomy and success factors of a typical wargame. The authors explain how and when wargaming can be used to test strategies, plan and prepare for crises, manage change or increase your organization's ability to anticipate and adapt for the future. Creating imaginative and credible scenarios, and testing them against smart opponents who are eager to find holes and counter your strategy, allows you to learn about a plan or a new venture in the security of the conference room rather than learning the hard way when you go live. Business wargames are sophisticated but they are also very demanding in terms of time and resources. Business Wargaming: Securing Corporate Value will enable you to assess the potential value of the technique for your own organization, to understand what you will be committing to and develop an informed business case and brief for working with the organization that will facilitate the game.

    Introduction; Part I Background to Business Wargaming; Chapter 1 The History of Wargaming; Chapter 2 Business Wargaming Methodology; Chapter 3 The Relevance of Business Wargaming in Strategy; Part II Applications of Business Wargaming; Chapter 4 Strategy Testing; Chapter 5 Crisis Response Preparation; Chapter 6 Developing Foresight; Chapter 7 Change Management; Chapter 8 Education and Recruitment; Chapter 9 Further Applications of Business Wargaming; Chapter 10 An Alternative Approach to Designing a Business Wargame: Wargaming in the Automotive Industry, Pero Mi?i?1Dr. Pero Mi?i? is the chairman of the FutureManagementGroup AG, Eltville, Germany; Part III Business Wargaming in Practice; Chapter 11 Design and Execution;


    Daniel F. Oriesek is a Principal with A.T. Kearney in Switzerland and consults national and international clients on a variety of topics, including business wargaming. Jan Oliver Schwarz is a researcher in the field of strategic foresight and is currently working on his PhD at the Berlin University of the Arts, Germany.

    ’This book is good, interesting and useful. It should be of interest to managers in turbulent industry faced with increasingly challenging tasks to take decisions in ever more complex and unstable environments, while the magnitude of the consequences triggered by their decisions are, for the most part, ever increasing.’ - Bernardo Nicoletti, Management Consultant, Academici Peer Review Network