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Business and Peacebuilding

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The Business and Peacebuilding (BP) series seeks to deliver applied and theoretical knowledge of the complex and shifting role of the private, corporate and civil-society sectors in enhancing peacebuilding. It is designed to be inter-disciplinary and to break down research silos, showcasing perspectives on business and peacebuilding through a broad array of strategies and delivery mechanisms. These may include: corporate social responsibility, business and human rights, socially responsible investment, participation in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, environmental, social and corporate governance guidelines, leadership studies, supply chain management, conflict-sensitive business practice, and indigenous studies. Furthermore, BP is looking for institutions, structures and organizations (e.g., the impact of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals) and the role of business in moving from a state of conflict to establishing peace.

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Business, Peacebuilding, and Regulation The Role of the State

Business, Peacebuilding, and Regulation: The Role of the State

1st Edition


By Sean Molloy
August 26, 2024

This book examines the relationship between business-based peacebuilding and the opportunities that emerge from the pluralisation of regulation. The core message is, notwithstanding the broad range of regulatory initiatives and actors that exist in conflict-affected settings, the state should ...

Music, Business and Peacebuilding

Music, Business and Peacebuilding

1st Edition

Edited By Constance Cook Glen, Timothy L. Fort
September 25, 2023

Business schools are placing more emphasis on the role of business in society. Top business school accreditors are shifting to mandating that schools teach their students about the social impact of business, including AACSB standards to require the incorporation of business impact on society into ...

Business, Peacebuilding and Sustainable Development

Business, Peacebuilding and Sustainable Development

1st Edition

Edited By Jason Miklian, Rina Alluri, John Elias Katsos
June 11, 2019

The intersection of business, peace and sustainable development is becoming an increasingly powerful space, and is already beginning to show the capability to drive major global change. This book deciphers how different forms of corporate engagement in the pursuit of peace and development have ...

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