1st Edition

C2 Re-envisioned The Future of the Enterprise

    316 Pages
    by CRC Press

    316 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Command and Control (C2) is the set of organizational and technical attributes and processes by which an enterprise marshals and employs human, physical, and information resources to solve problems and accomplish missions.C2 Re-envisioned: The Future of the Enterprise identifies four interrelated megatrends that are individually and collectively shaping the state of the art and practice of C2 as well as the mission challenges we face.

    These megatrends the book examines are:

    • Big Problems—manifested in part as increasing complexity of both endeavors and enterprises, as military establishments form coalitions with each other, and partnerships with various civilian agencies and non-governmental organizations

    • Robustly Networked Environments—enabled by the extremely broad availability of advanced information and communications technologies (ICT) that place unprecedented powers of information creation, processing, and distribution in the hands of almost anyone who wants them—friend and foe alike

    • Ubiquitous Data—the unprecedented volumes of raw and processed information with which human actors and C2 systems must contend

    • Organizational alternatives—as decentralized, net-enabled approaches to C2 have been made more feasible by technology.

    The book analyzes historical examples and experimental evidence to determine the critical factors that make C2 go wrong and how to get it right. Successful enterprises in the future will be those that can reconfigure their approaches in an agile manner. Offering fresh perspectives on this subject of critical importance, this book provides the understanding you will need to choose your organizational approaches to suit the mission and the conditions at hand.

    Introduction and a Tale of Two Missions. Megatrends Affecting the Future of the Enterprise. Megatrend 1: Big Problems. Megatrend 2: Robustly Networked Environments. Megatrend 3: Ubiquitous Data. Megatrend 4: New Forms of Organization. How C2 Goes Wrong. Experimental Evidence and Analysis. Enterprise of the Future. Glossary of Acronyms.


    Vassiliou, Marius S.; Alberts, David S.; Agre, Jonathan Russell