1st Edition

CANCOM 2001 Proceedings of the 3rd Canadian International Conference on Composites

By S.V. Hoa Copyright 2001

    This book contains technical papers, presented at the third Canadian International Conference on Composites held in Canada in 2001, on topics including liquid composite molding, process modelling, virtual manufacturing, novel materials and processes, and metal matrix composites.

    Workshop: Rapid Processing Technologies (1) 1. Electron Beam for Composite Manufacturing: Fact or Fiction? 2. Manufacture of Low Cost Short Production Run Advanced Composite Material Components-A Practical Perspective or Some Say Low Cost, Quick Turnaround, One Off Composite Aircraft Components Aren't Possible Workshop: Rapid Processing Technologies (2) 3. Application of Numerical Simulation to the Cost Effective Improvement of Resin Transfer Molding for Engineered Composite Parts 4. FULCRUM* Thermoplastic Pultrusion Technology 5. New Low Energy, High Speed Preforming Methodology for Glass and Carbon Fiber Liquid Molding Processing 6. Lessons Learned in Forty Years of Composites Research Workshop: Rapid Product Development (1) 7. Robotized Shell Molding (RSM): A Quantum Leap for an Old Molding Technology Plenary Presentations and Luncheon Addresses 8. Advanced Composites at Aston Martin Lagonda 9. On the Use of Mid-Plane Asymmetric Laminates for Adhesively Bonded Joints in Composite Structures 10. Innovative Structural System and Structural Health Monitoring 11. Recent Advances in Flame Retardant Polymer Nanocomposites 12. The Tale of Laminate Free Edges 13. Composites Research in the Automotive Industry 14. Composites for Marine Structures 15. Carbon Nanotube Based Polymeric Composites-A Review New Trends in Liquid Composite Moulding (1) 16. Structural Design of Lightweight Tooling for Liquid Composite Molding 17. Analysis of Thermal Residual Stresses during the Curing of Composite Parts Manufactured by Resin Transfer Molding New Trends in Liquid Composite Moulding (2) 18. Re-Meshing Algorithms Applied to Resin Transfer Moulding Simulations 19. Simulations of Fibre Fabric Deformation during Manufacturing of Preforms for R.T.M. Process 20. Simulation of the Non-Isothermal Manufacturing Process for a Thick Composite Part New Trends in Liquid Composite Moulding (3) 21. New Sensor-Based Set-Up for Permeability Identification 22. A Fast Mathematical Model for Permeabili


    S.V. Hoa (Author)