CANCOM 2001 Proceedings of the 3rd Canadian International Conference on Composites  book cover
1st Edition

CANCOM 2001 Proceedings of the 3rd Canadian International Conference on Composites

ISBN 9781587161148
Published August 17, 2001 by CRC Press
824 Pages

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Book Description

This book contains technical papers, presented at the third Canadian International Conference on Composites held in Canada in 2001, on topics including liquid composite molding, process modelling, virtual manufacturing, novel materials and processes, and metal matrix composites.

Table of Contents

Workshop: Rapid Processing Technologies (1) 1. Electron Beam for Composite Manufacturing: Fact or Fiction? 2. Manufacture of Low Cost Short Production Run Advanced Composite Material Components—A Practical Perspective or Some Say Low Cost, Quick Turnaround, One Off Composite Aircraft Components Aren’t Possible Workshop: Rapid Processing Technologies (2) 3. Application of Numerical Simulation to the Cost Effective Improvement of Resin Transfer Molding for Engineered Composite Parts 4. FULCRUM* Thermoplastic Pultrusion Technology 5. New Low Energy, High Speed Preforming Methodology for Glass and Carbon Fiber Liquid Molding Processing 6. Lessons Learned in Forty Years of Composites Research Workshop: Rapid Product Development (1) 7. Robotized Shell Molding (RSM): A Quantum Leap for an Old Molding Technology Plenary Presentations and Luncheon Addresses 8. Advanced Composites at Aston Martin Lagonda 9. On the Use of Mid-Plane Asymmetric Laminates for Adhesively Bonded Joints in Composite Structures 10. Innovative Structural System and Structural Health Monitoring 11. Recent Advances in Flame Retardant Polymer Nanocomposites 12. The Tale of Laminate Free Edges 13. Composites Research in the Automotive Industry 14. Composites for Marine Structures 15. Carbon Nanotube Based Polymeric Composites—A Review New Trends in Liquid Composite Moulding (1) 16. Structural Design of Lightweight Tooling for Liquid Composite Molding 17. Analysis of Thermal Residual Stresses during the Curing of Composite Parts Manufactured by Resin Transfer Molding New Trends in Liquid Composite Moulding (2) 18. Re-Meshing Algorithms Applied to Resin Transfer Moulding Simulations 19. Simulations of Fibre Fabric Deformation during Manufacturing of Preforms for R.T.M. Process 20. Simulation of the Non-Isothermal Manufacturing Process for a Thick Composite Part New Trends in Liquid Composite Moulding (3) 21. New Sensor-Based Set-Up for Permeability Identification 22. A Fast Mathematical Model for Permeability Identification in Resin Transfer Molding Using a Mixed Numerical/ Experimental Method New Trends in Liquid Composite Moulding (4) 23. The Effect of Low Profile Additives on the Surface Aspects of RTM Moulded Composites 24. Modeling of Saturation Phenomena in Liquid Composite Molding 25. Durability Analysis of an Autoclave Structural Polymer Composite Using Stress Relaxation and Creep Data Processing/Process Modelling/Virtual Manufacturing (1) 26. Process Induced Warpage in Autoclave-Cured Composite Laminates 27. The Effect of Part Design and Process Parameters on Spring-In of Angled Composite Parts 28. Modelling and Optimization of Autoclave Processing of Polymer Composites Processing/Process Modelling/Virtual Manufacturing (2) 29. Composite Structures: Mechanics, Materials and Manufacturing Perspectives 30. A Study of the Effects of Manufacturing Variables and Solvents on the Mechanical Properties of Carbon Fibre Composites 31. Thermal and Mechanical Coupling in B.M.C. Injection Process: Characterization, Modeling and Experimental Validation Processing/Process Modelling/Virtual Manufacturing (3) 32. Simulation of the Crosslinking Ratio and Glass Transition Temperature during Curing of an Epoxy Class 180 Prepreg 33. Cure Kinetics of Cytec FM73 Adhesive Processing/Process Modelling/Virtual Manufacturing (4) 34. Compression Moulding of Thick Composite Materials 35. Rapid Thermoforming of Commingled Yarn—A Direct Way from Soft Textiles to Structural Parts 36. Three-Dimensional Permeability Measurement Based on Ultrasonic Sensors Fatigue, Fracture, Probabilistic Aspects (1) 37. Micro-Mechanical Analysis and Damage Evolution in Fibre-Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composites 38. Macroscopic Models for the Damage Development in Polymeric Composite Laminates Subject to Flexural Static and Fatigue Loads 39. Damage Modelling of Random Short Glass Fibre Reinforced Composites Fatigue, Fracture, Probabilistic Aspects (2) 40. Prediction of Unidirectional Glass Fiber/Epoxy Laminates’ Fatigue Life Using Neuro-Fuzzy Methods 41. A Combined Experimental Investigation, Stochastic FEA and Reliability Analysis Methodology for Composite Laminates 42. Comparison of Various Neural Network Models for Fatigue Life Prediction of Composite Materials Mechanical Properties/Characterization (1) 43. Effect of Processing Temperature on the Mechanical Properties of a Braided SiC/SiC Composite 44. The Effect of Filler Content on the Mechanical Properties of Epoxy Based Adhesives Mechanical Properties/Characterization (2) 45. Creep and Creep-Rupture of Polymer Composite Laminates 46. Stress Relaxation Behavior of Cytec FM73 Adhesive during Cure 47. Analysis of Effects of Long Term Stress and Ageing on Mechanical Performance of Discontinuous Natural Fibre-Polymer Composites Mechanical Properties/Characterization (3) 48. Mechanical Properties of Glass Woven Fabric Reinforced Vinyl-Ester Composite with Affordable Interphase 49. Investigation on Mechanical Properties of Dicyclopentadiene Based Textile Composite Analysis (1) 50. Interlaminar Fracture Behavior of Internally Tapered Composite Laminates 51. Finite Element Analysis of Pultruded Composite-to-Aluminum Adhesively Bonded Lap Joints in Tension 52. An Improved Twenty DOF Quadrilateral Element for the Analysis of Laminated Composite Plates Analysis (2) 53. Dynamic Response of Variable-Thickness Composite Beams Based on an Efficient Finite Element Formulation 54. Three-Dimensional Model for Elastic Properties of Textile Composites 55. Influence of the Structural Parameters on the Inter-Ply Shear Stresses in 3 Radial Truck Tire Analysis (3) 56. Simulation of Twisted Cord-Rubber Structures 57. Analytical Solution of Interface Debonding 58. Curvature and Twisting Effects on the Cross Section of Fibers in Twisted Fiber Yarns Metal Matrix Composites (1) 59. Distributions of ε, έ, T and σ in Extrusion Modeling of Al Alloys and Composites 60. Metal-Coated Particulate Reinforced Aluminum Composites 61. Influence of Cu and Mg Additions on Pressureless Infiltration of Aluminum into TiC Preforms Metal Matrix Composites (2) 62. Effect of Interfacial Coatings on the Mechanical Properties of Steel-Steel Composites 63. Formation of a Composite Interface during Ceramic to Metal Joining Infrastructure Applications 64. Bond Performance of Different FRP Strengthening Systems 65. An Experimental Study on Flexural Behaviour of a Composite Sea Wall Unit Impact, Damage, Failure (1) 66. A Study on Dynamic Fracture Toughness of Composite Laminates at Different Temperatures 67. Study on Shear-Out Failure Mechanism of Mechanically Fastened FRP Joint Impact, Damage, Failure (2) 68. Low-Velocity Impact Response of 3 Continuous Glass Fiber/Polypropylene Composite 69. Composite Material Models in LS-DYNA and Damage Development: An Evaluation Based on the OCT Geometry 70. Effect of Material Properties on the Ballistic Impact Resistance of Kevlar Impact, Damage, Failure (3) 71. Low-Velocity Impact of Weft-Knitted Carbon Fabric/Epoxy Composites by a Sharp-Tipped Projectile 72. Post Impact Shear Buckling Behaviour in GLARE 73. Residual Compressive Strength of Composite Plates under Impact Loading Commercial Applications and NDI (1) 74. Composite Windshield Pillar for Aston Martin Vanquish 75. Can Cement Composites Be Used in Automotive Applications? 76. Design of a Lightweight Composite Bicycle Fork Commercial Applications and NDI (2) 77. Infrared Thermography as a Rapid NDI Tool for Advanced Composite Materials 78. Acoustic Emission Determination of the Fatigue Life of Bonded Joints 79. Carbon Fibre Reinforced Copper Matrix Composites for Electronic and Electronical Devices Commercial Applications and NDI (3) 80. Design of SMC Products Using Initial Fracture Stress 81. Material Issues in Large Composite Ship Structures 82. A Rational Procedure for Designing a Hybrid Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Mast Novel Materials and Processes (1) 83. Aircraft Contaminants’ Effects on EB Repair of Composites 84. Influence of Dose on Mechanical Properties of, and Residual Stress in a Composite E-Beam Cured Polymer 85. Electron Beam Curable Epoxy Adhesives—A Synopsis of Recent Development Efforts Novel Materials and Processes (2) 86. Fabrication and Mechanical Behavior of EB Cured Textile Composites 87. Enhancing Properties of Epoxy Resin Using Nanoclay Novel Materials and Processes (3) 88. Nanocomposites Based on Vinyl Ester Resin 89. Ultrasonic Drilling of Polymeric Composites 90. Extrusion Critieria of an Extruded Glass Fibre Reinforced Paste Composite Aerospace Applications/Certification (1) 91. General Considerations and Practices for Certification of Composite Thermoset Polymers Used in Primary Aircraft Structure 92. Application and Certification of Composite Materials on the CH149 Cormorant SAR Helicopter 93. Design, Build and Certification of Composite Airplane Structure Aerospace Applications/Certification (2) 94. Development of Very Low Moisture Absorption Epoxy Matrix Composites 95. Manufacturing of Aluminium Sandwich Panels for Small Satellite Structure Aerospace Applications/Certification (3) 96. 777 Composite Primary Structure Service Experience 97. Impact of Composites on Commercial Aircraft Operations and Maintenance: Benefits and Challenges Smart Structures (1) 98. Design and Fabrication of Smart Materials Using MEMS Approach—A Case for Canadian Competitiveness 99. Integrated SMA Elements Array for Smart Material Applications Smart Structures (2) 100. Detection des Defauts de Liaison et Structuraux dans les Structures Aeronautiques 101. Implementation of Triboluminescent Damage Sensing in Composite Structures 102. Electromechanical Analysis of a Piezoelectric Instrumented Composite Bonded Repair Patch Smart Structures (3) 103. Modelling and Development of Procedures for Embedment of Piezoelectric Components into Composite 104. Application of MMC for Lightweight Reflective Mirror for Space Optics Smart Structures (4) 105. Shape Control and Active Vibration Damping of Laminated Composite Structures Using Piezoelectric Sensors and Actuators 106. Optic Fiber Sensor for Assessing Layer Waviness in Smart Structure

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