1st Edition

CNS Injuries Cellular Responses and Pharmacological Strategies

By Martin Berry, Ann Logan Copyright 1998

    The basic science of the cellular and molecular responses of the brain to injury is a rapidly expanding area of research that provides evidence of growing opportunities for pharmacological intervention in the clinic. CNS Injuries: Cellular Responses and Pharmacological Strategies is an up-to-date examination of new developments in our understanding of the cellular and trophic responses to CNS injuries and the potential treatment. This text collates reviews of the most important areas of study regarding injury response including

  • inflammatory and immune reactions
  • scarring
  • neuron death
  • demyelination and remyelination
  • axonal regeneration
  • re-establishment of neuronal connectivity
    Providing a record of recent advances that will help point the way to future developments, this enlightening reference is sure to benefit researchers and practitioners in a broad range of disciplines, including: neurology, pharmacology, pathology, toxicology, immunology, and many others.
  • Cellular Responses to Penetrating CNS Injury, M. Berry, A. Butt, and A. Logan
    Cellular Responses to Ischaemic CNS Injury, W.L. Maxwell
    Immune Response and CNS Injury, N.A. Gregson
    Haematogenous Cell Responses to CNS Injury, K.A. Brown and B.A. Khoshkbijari
    Role of Macrophages and Microglia in the Injured CNS, W.J. Streit
    Cellular Trafficking, A.J. Vora and K.A. Brown
    Microglia-Mediated Prevention of Traumatic Neurodegeneration S. Thanos, R. Naskar, and P. Heiduschka
    Transforming Growth Factor-b and CNS Scarring, A. Logan and M. Berry
    Neurotrophic Factors, T. Hagg
    Fibroblast Growth Factors, C. Grothe, C. Meisinger, and K. Wewetzer

    Researchers and practitioners involved in: pharmacology, pathology, toxicology, neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, molecular biology, and cellular biology; Medical students


    Martin Berry