1st Edition

COPD in Primary Care

By Anita Sharma, Penney Vasey Copyright 2010

    The burden of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is enormous and is increasing, but early, accurate diagnosis in a primary care setting can have a crucial impact on managing the condition. New NICE guidelines and the GMS Contract with incentives give GPs and practice nurses the opportunity to diagnose COPD patients and manage them in a structured fashion. This book brings together clear and concise information for GPs and primary healthcare teams on how this can be achieved accurately and effectively. This book sets out a very practical approach to caring for one group who can demonstrably benefit from access to the very best that primary care can offer: patients living with COPD. This book is for busy primary care physicians and nurses committed to improving diagnosis, enabling self-management, ensuring rapid treatment, and providing truly patient-centred care. Written by an experienced, practising general practitioner, it provides a timely contribution to the high-quality primary care services needed now and in the future.A " - from the Foreword by Gail Richards Anita Sharma is to be congratulated on producing a clear, concise and practical book on COPD which will educate, give confidence to, and encourage primary care physicians to manage this important disease effectively and at an early stage.A" - from the Foreword by Joyce Barclay

    What is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Epidemiology. Aetiology and Risk Factors. National Profile. Commission Services – A Step by Step Guide. General Practitioner with Special Interest. Diagnosis. Disease Severity. Spirometry. Pulse Oximetry in Primary Care. Management. Helping Patients to Quit Smoking. Exacerbation. Avoid Hospital Admission. Self Management. Secondary Care Referral Indicators. Pulmonary Rehabilitation. Palliative Care. Case Studies. Multiple Choice Questions. Audit Ideas.


    Anita Sharma General Practitioner, Oldham, UK.