1st Edition

CPS for Kids A Resource Book for Teaching Creative Problem-Solving to Children (Grades 2-8)

By Bob Eberle, Bob Stanish Copyright 1996
    102 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    Guide children to new heights with the Creative Problem Solving methods outlined in CPS for Kids. This book will teach your students an exciting and powerful problem-solving method from start to finish. Each step in the process, from finding problems to finding solutions, is outlined in detail and includes accompanying activities on reproducible pages. Designed for students in grades 2-8, these activities are challenging and interesting.

    Creative Problem Solving is a process that allows people to apply both creative and critical thinking to find solutions to everyday problems. CPS can eliminate the tendency to approach problems in a haphazard manner and, consequently, prevents surprises and/or disappointment with the solution.

    Students will learn to work together or individually to find appropriate and unique solutions to real-world problems they may face by using this tested method. Most importantly, they will be challenged to think both creatively and critically as they tackle each problem they face. CPS for Kids includes 30 reproducible classroom activities.

    Grades 2-8

    Years of Creative Problem-Solving Acknowledgments Preface Foreword Part I Why Creative Problem-Solving for Children? Introduction Problem-Solving as a Basic Skill CPS in the Classroom Stepping the Levels of Creative Problem-Solving Part II How Do You Teach Creative Problem-Solving to Children? Introduction Salient Factors Guiding the Group in Brainstorming How to Scamper for Ideas Part III In What Ways Might I Use This Book? Introduction Instructional Options Before You Start Level I: Sensing Problems and Challenges Activity No. 1: Room for Improvement Activity No. 2: Chunks in the Ice Cream Activity No. 3: It Isn’t Fair Activity No. 4: The Shape of Things Activity No. 5: Improvement Haystack Level II: Fact Finding Activity No. 6: The Star Reporter Activity No. 7: Geni, the Machine Activity No. 8: The Fazh Activity No. 9: Tree House Activity No. 10: The Unusual Animal Level III: Problem Finding Activity No. 11: Locked Out Activity No. 12: What Happened? Activity No. 13: Doubting Debbie Activity No. 14: The Jumping Frog Activity No. 15: The Great Improvement Machine Level IV: Idea Finding Activity No. 16: The Thing Activity No. 17: Sammy’s Secret Activity No. 18: Alligator in the Refrigerator Activity No. 19: My Name Smelz Activity No. 20: Danny and His Friends Level V: Solution Finding Activity No. 21: The Ideal Candy Bar Activity No. 22: What’s Good About It? Activity No. 23: Super Shopper Activity No. 24: Lunch Line Activity No. 25: Idea Report Card Level VI: Acceptance Finding Activity No. 26: The Right Order Activity No. 27: Too Much of a Good Thing Activity No. 28: Up A Tree Activity No. 29: Battle of the Champions Activity No. 30: Busy Bathroom Part IV Worksheet Set for Individual or Group Problem-Solving Bibliography References The Whole World Creative Problem-Solving Assembly Line


    Bob Eberle is the author of Scamper: Creative Games and Activities for Imagination Development, Scamper On: More Creative Games and Activities for Imagination Development, and coauthor of CPS for Kids: A Resource Book for Teaching Creative Problem Solving to Children.

    Bob Stanish has had 25 teaching resource books and numerous articles on the creative processes and problem solving published. A highly imaginative writer and innovative thinker, he is nationally recognized for his efforts to promote classroom creative thinking in usable and learnable ways. A teacher with experiences at the elementary, secondary, and university levels and a former school administrator in various capacities, his books have assisted teachers and schools in initiating educational programs to nurture, accommodate, apply, and expand students' creative and critical thinking abilities. During the past 14 years he has served as a senior adjunct professor of psychology at McKendree University in Lebanon, IL.