1st Edition

CRC Handbook of Engineering in Agriculture, Volume I

By Robert H. Brown Copyright 1988
    288 Pages
    by CRC Press

    These three volumes present essential engineering technologies most often used for design and evaluation of the best practices in agricultural production and postharvest processing operations. The choices, requirements, procedures, and expected performances are expertly supported with equations, data tables, illustrations , charts, graphs, and data conversion factors for SI units. Written by highly qualified and experienced agricultural engineers, the chap-ters emphasize field machines and practices, irrigation engineering, drainage and erosion control, and waste management. Also in-cluded is information on electrical systems and electric motors, de-sign of structures, ventilation and lighting systems, and livestock and poultry production. This volume is especially written for engi-neers of all types, agricultural scientists, extension specialists, ag-industry-managers, and engineering students.


    ENGINEERING PROPERTIES OF AGRICULTURAL SOILS. Soil Classification by Particle Size - Textural Triangle. Soil Mechanics. Densities. AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY - FUNCTIONAL ELEMENTS. Terminol-ogy and Definitions for Agricultural Tillage Implements and Agricul-tural Equipment. Tillage Tool Power Requirements. Cutting of Bio-logical Materials. Threshing, Separating, and Cleaning. Human Fac-tors - Vibration and Noise in the Workplace. Human Factors - Ther-mal Comfort, Workloads, Forces, and Anthropometrics. PLANT GROWTH DATA. IRRIGATION ENGINEERING. Irrigation Water Quality. Irrigation Well Design and Specifications. Sprinkler System Design. Irrigation Efficiencies. Volume Gun Systems. Drip Irrigation Systems. Irrigation Practices and Operations. Information to Consider in Designing and Selecting Irrigation Systems for Agri-culture and a Description of Different Types of Systems. Appendix. Index.


    Robert H. Brown