5th Edition

CRC Handbook of Laboratory Safety

By A. Keith Furr Copyright 2000
    802 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Expanded and updated, The CRC Handbook of Laboratory Safety, Fifth Edition provides information on planning and building a facility, developing an organization infrastructure, planning for emergencies and contingencies, choosing the correct equipment, developing operational plans, and meeting regulatory requirements. Still the essential reference tool, the New Edition helps you organize your safety efforts to adhere to the latest regulations and use the newest technology.

    Thoroughly revised, the CRC Handbook of Laboratory Safety, Fifth Edition includes new OSHA laboratory safety standards, the 1994 NRC radiation safety standards, guidelines for X-ray use in hospitals, enforcement of standards for dealing with blood-borne pathogens, OSHA actions covering hazardous waste operations and emergency response, and the latest CDC guidelines for research with microbial hazards. Every word on every page has been scrutinized, and literally hundreds of changes have been made to bring the material up to date.

    See what's new in the New Edition

  • New figures and tables illustrating the new material
  • Internet references in addition to journal articles
  • Changes in the Clean Air Act regarding incineration of hospital, medical, and infectious waste
  • Obsolete articles removed and replaced - over one hundred pages of new material
  • New information on respiratory protection guidelines
    Laboratory Safety as a Cooperative Responsibility
    Components of Emergency Preparedness
    Institutional or Corporate Emergency Committee
    Emergency Plan
    Emergency Procedures for Selected Emergencies
    Artificial Respiration, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), and First Aid
    Laboratory Design
    Fixed Equipment and Furniture
    Chemical Storage Rooms
    Movable Equipment
    Animal Laboratories - Special Requirements
    General Considerations
    OSHA Laboratory Safety Standard
    Operational Planning
    Purchasing of Animals
    Handling and Use of Chemicals: Laboratory Operations
    Hazard Awareness (Right-to-Know)
    Health Effects
    Spills and Emergencies
    Chemical Wastes
    Laboratory Closeout Procedures
    Radioisotope Laboratories
    X-Ray Facilities
    Nonionizing Radiation
    Laser Laboratories
    Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories
    Recombinant DNA Laboratories
    Research Animal Care and Handling
    Respiratory Protection
    Eye Protection
    Materials for Protective Apparel
    Hearing Protection
    First Aid Kits
    Other Personal Protective Equipment
    Appendix: Laboratory Checklist


    A. Keith Furr

    "…This book is a valuable reference source--a must for library collections as well as private collections for individuals who have major responsibilities in the safety area."
    --Peter G. Klimko, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2001, Vol.44, No. 5

    "This handbook is a very useful and practical guide designed to help any person working in a laboratory environment... This book is an invaluable resource for the safety and training of laboratory workers, including students, researchers, and their coworkers."
    -Clinical Chemistry, Vol. 47, No. 11, 2001