2nd Edition

CRC Handbook of Solubility Parameters and Other Cohesion Parameters, Second Edition

By Allan F.M. Barton Copyright 1991

    The CRC Handbook of Solubility Parameters and Other Cohesion Parameters, Second Edition, which includes 17 new sections and 40 new data tables, incorporates information from a vast amount of material published over the last ten years.  The volume is based on a bibliography of 2,900 reports, including 1,200 new citations. The detailed, careful construction of the handbook develops the concept of solubility parameters from empirical, thermodynamic, and molecular points of view and demonstrates their application to liquid, gas, solid, and polymer systems.

    INTRODUCTION. THERMODYNAMICS. Cohesive Energy. Cohesive Pressure and the Hildebrand Parameter. Thermodynamic Equation of State. Empirical Equations of State. Units and Conversion Factors. Mixtures. Phase Separation. MOLECULAR INTERACTIONS. Electrical Properties. Dipole-Dipole Interactions. Dipole-Induced Dipole Interactions. Induced Dipole-Induced Dipole Interactions. Spectroscopic Studies. Positron Annihilation. REGULAR SOLUTIONS AND THE HILDEBRAND PARAMETER. Geometric Mean Approximation. Hildebrand-Scatchard Equation. Limitations of the Hildebrand-Scatchard Equation. Mixed Liquids and Multicomponent Systems. Solvent Spectra. Wilson Equation. EXPANDED COHESION PARAMETERS. Dispersion. Orientation. Induction. Lewis Acid-Base. Hydrogen-Bonding Association. Combination of Component Cohesion Parameters. Empirical Corrections for Geometric Mean Deviations. Polar-Nonpolar Cohesion Parameters. Hansen Parameters. Fractional Three-Component Cohesion Parameters. Other Two- and Three-Component Cohesion Parameters. Other Multi-Component Cohesion Parameters. Modified Separation of Cohesive Energy Density. Liquid Metals. CALCULATED COHESION PARAMETERS. Group Molar Vaporization Enthalpy. Group Molar Cohesive Energy. Molar Additive Functions. Group Molar Attraction Constants. Group Molar Volumes. Group Cohesion Parameters. Homomorphs and Dispersion Cohesion Parameters. Hansen Parameter Group Contributions. Participating and Nonparticipating Groups. Comparison of Methods. LIQUID PHASES. Vaporization Enthalpy. Vapor Pressure. Boiling Point. Corresponding States. Internal Pressure and Cohesive Pressure. Liquid-Liquid Miscibility. Binary Solvents. Activity Coefficients in Liquid-Liquid Systems. Complexes. Solvent-Aided Separation. Liquid Extraction. Acidity-Basicity Linear Energy Scales. SOLVENT SCALES. Hydrogen Bonding. Electrostatic Parameters and Empirical Relationships. Single Component Donor-Acceptor Parameters. Hybrid Cohesion Parameter Solvent Scales. Practical Solvent Scales. EFFECTS OF PHYSICAL CONDITIONS. Temperature. Density, Volume and Pressure. Concentration. KINETIC AND TRANSPORT PROCESSES. Kinetic Solvent Effects. Transition State Theory. Rates and Mechanisms. Polymerization and Polymer Reactions. Viscosity. Other Time-Dependent Properties. GASES. Nomenclature. Hildebrand Parameters and Gas Solubilities. Compressed Gases. Supercritical Extraction. Vapor-Liquid Equilibria in Mixtures. Henry's Law. SOLIDS. Activities and Solubilities. Cohesion Parameters for Nonionic Solid Solutes. Ionic Systems. POLYMER SOLUTIONS. Physical Properties of Polymers. The Polymer-Liquid Reference Solution. Polymer-Liquid Interaction Parameters. Limitations on Interaction Parameters. Interaction Parameters and Cohesion Parameters. Cosolvency and Co-Nonsolvency. Theta Temperature and Theta Solvents. Segment Interaction Equation. DETERMINATION OF POLYMER COHESION PARAMETERS. Hildebrand Parameter Values. Hildebrand Parameters from Polymer-Liquid Interaction Parameters. Solubility/Swelling Spectrum Methods. Turbidimetric Titrations. Hansen Parameters. Other Cohesion Parameters. Solution Viscosity. Calculation of Polymer Cohesion Parameters. Effects of Temperature, Concentration, Molecular Weight. POLYMER MAPS AND MODELS. Cohesion Parameter Maps and Models. Hybrid Maps and Models. CORRELATION OF POLYMER PROPERTIES WITH COHESION PARAMETERS. Electrical Properties. Mechanical Properties. Thermal Transitions and Plasticization. Environment-Induced Degradation. Radiation. Interactions With Gases and Liquids. Permeation. Interactions With Low Molecular Weight Solids. Polymer-Polymer Interactions. Copolymers. Natural Polymers. SURFACES AND INTERFACES. Interfacial Free Energy. Interfacial Free Energies and Cohesion Parameters. Component Surface Free Energies and Cohesion Parameters. Multicomponent Systems. Wetting, Adhesion, Lubrication, Powders. Adsorption. Micelles, Colloids, Emulsions, Foams, Surfactants. Dispersion of Pigments and Dyes. Surface Contamination and Cleaning. CHROMATOGRAPHY. Component Cohesion Parameter Expressions. GLC Interactions of Polymers and Plasticizers With Liquids. GLC Studies of Nonpolymer Systems. Liquid Chromatography. Supercritical Fluid Chromatography. Liquid-Solid Chromatography and Gel Chromatography. BIOLOGICAL SYSTEMS. Hansch Lipophilic Parameter. Effects and Transmission Rates of Biologically-Active Materials. Prosthetic Materials. Other Biological Systems.


    Allan F.M. Barton