2nd Edition

CRC Handbook of Tables for Applied Engineering Science

By Ray E. Bolz Copyright 1973
    1180 Pages
    by CRC Press

    New tables in this edition cover lasers, radiation, cryogenics, ultra-sonics, semi-conductors, high-vacuum techniques, eutectic alloys, and organic and inorganic surface coating. Another major addition is expansion of the sections on engineering materials and compos-ites, with detailed indexing by name, class and usage. The special Index of Properties allows ready comparisons with respect to single property, whether physical, chemical, electrical, radiant, mechani-cal, or thermal. The user of this book is assisted by a comprehensive index, by cross references and by numerically keyed subject headings at the top of each page. Each table is self-explanatory, with units, abbreviations, and symbols clearly defined and tabular material subdivided for easy reading.

    Section 1. Engineering Materials and Their Properties

    Index of Properties

    Gases and Vapors




    Electrical Science and Radiation

    Electromagnetic Radiation

    Conductors and Circuit Components

    Solid State and semiconductors

    Lases and Masers

    Magnetic Materials


    Chemistry and Applications

    Basic Chemical Data

    Surface Phenomena and Electrochemistry

    Ions Solutions

    Combustion and Fuels

    Nuclides and Nuclear Engineering

    Nuclear Physics and Isotopes

    Reactors and Materials

    Energy Engineering and Transport


    Fluid and Aero Mechanics

    Heat and Mass Transfer

    Energy Conversion and Propulsion


    Refrigeration and Cryogenics

    Mechanics, Structures, and Machines

    Dynamics and Vibration

    Friction and Lubrication

    Structures and Materials

    Environmental and Bioengineering

    Atmosphere, Earth, and Ocean

    Thermal and Air Conditioning

    Illumination and Radiation

    Sound and Acoustics

    Human Populations and Individuals

    Environmental Protection and Human Safety

    Air Pollution and the Total Environment

    Water Sources and Pollution

    Solid Wastes

    Noise Pollution

    Radiation Protection Safety

    Chemical and Toxic Hazards

    Fire Protection

    Motor Vehicle and Industrial Safety

    Communication and Computation


    Units and Conversion Factors

    Mathematical and Statistical Tables

    Number Systems and Logic

    Measurement and Instrumentation

    Transducers and Measurement Techniques

    Radiation Measurements

    Calibration and Standards

    Chemical Analysis

    Dimensionless Parameters

    Process and Control

    Metal Processing

    Automatic Control

    Appendix Engineering Organizations and Publishers



    Ray E. Bolz