CRC Handbook of Viruses Infecting Legumes  book cover
1st Edition

CRC Handbook of Viruses Infecting Legumes

ISBN 9781315892092
Published November 29, 2017 by CRC Press
546 Pages

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Book Description

This interesting handbook discusses 145 plant viruses in 27 groups and 31 unclassified viruses in naturally infected legumes. The viruses were observed in field infections of 281 species in 64 genera of the Leguminosae. The book presents information regarding resistance sources and resistance-breeding, vectors, seed transmission, and host ranges. Measurements of virus properties are organized in tabular form for particle dimensions, serological relationships, nucleic acid percentages, sedimentation coefficients of particles and nucleic acids, molecular weights of nucleic acids and coat proteins, optical density, and buoyant density. Handbook of Viruses Infecting Legumes is unique in that it relates inclusion cytology to plant virus detection, identification, and classification. Light and electron micrographs illustrate morphology, location, and staining reactions of inclusions. Of the 27 groups that contain viruses infecting legumes in nature, inclusions are diagnostic at the group level in 15 of these groups. Plant breeders, diagnosticians, plant virologists, and students of plant virology will find this an indispensable guide to legume viruses.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction 2. Alfalfa Mosaic Virus Group 3. Plant Rhabdoviruses 4. Tobraviruses 5. Tobamoviruses 6. Furoviruses 7. Broad Bean Necrosis Virus 8. Indian Peanut Clump Virus 9. Peanut Clump Virus 10. Soybean Yellow Vein Virus 11. References 12. Potexviruses 13. Carlaviruses 14. Potyviruses 15. Closterviruses 16. Geminiviruses 17. Luteoviruses 18. Fabaviruses 19. Bromoviruses 20. Ilarviruses 21. Cucumoviruses 22. Nepoviruses 23. Comoviruses 24. Pea Enation Mosaic Virus Group 25. Necroviruses 26. Sobemoviruses. 27. Carmoviruses 28. Tymoviruses 29. Tombusviruses 30. Dianthoviruses 31. Crytoviruses 32. Caulimoviruses 33. Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus 34. Unclassified Virus Reported In Natural Infections Of Legumes

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