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Medical Devices A Practical Guide

Medical Devices: A Practical Guide

1st Edition

Edited By Prakash Srinivasan Timiri Shanmugam
October 10, 2022

An overview of the wide variety of medical devices that are an integral part of clinical practice, this practical book includes descriptions of medical devices by both clinical specialty and purpose, thus ensuring that a wide variety of devices are included. Covering important elements such as body...

Energy Management Big Data in Power Load Forecasting

Energy Management: Big Data in Power Load Forecasting

1st Edition

By Valentin A. Boicea
June 28, 2021

This book introduces the principle of carrying out a medium-term load forecast (MTLF) at power system level, based on the Big Data concept and Convolutionary Neural Network (CNNs). It also presents further research directions in the field of Deep Learning techniques and Big Data, as well as how ...

The Development of Women and Young Professionals in STEM Careers Tips and Tricks

The Development of Women and Young Professionals in STEM Careers: Tips and Tricks

1st Edition

By Michele Kruger, Hannelie Nel
September 12, 2019

This book is fluent and systematic. The authors work through the fears and ambitions of young people new to STEM careers in the professional environment. Often, there is a lack of mentors, which leaves a young STEM practitioner exposed and doubting their own abilities. This book encourages young ...

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