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CRC Press/OptiRisk Series in Finance

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This series is managed in partnership with OptiRisk Systems and it aims to capture new developments in financial analytics. Multiple aspects of quant models, AI & ML methodologies, sentiment analysis and alternative categories of data are considered and their impact on the financial markets is the focus of this series. Although primarily aimed at an audience of practitioners and those training to become such, we also welcome submissions of research-oriented proposals that can be of value to the financial analytics community.

We will consider proposals on a wide range of topics and applications within the field of quantitative or mathematical finance, including but not limited to: alternative data; sentiment analysis; financial modelling; quantum finance; artificial intelligence and machine learning; computational finance; portfolio management; risk management; and any other relevant areas. The series editor is Professor Gautam Mitra, founder and CEO of OptiRisk Systems.

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Handbook of Alternative Data in Finance, Volume I

Handbook of Alternative Data in Finance, Volume I

1st Edition

Edited By Gautam Mitra, Christina Erlwein-Sayer, Kieu Thi Hoang, Diana Roman, Zryan Sadik
July 12, 2023

Handbook of Alternative Data in Finance, Volume I motivates and challenges the reader to explore and apply Alternative Data in finance. The book provides a robust and in-depth overview of Alternative Data, including its definition, characteristics, difference from conventional data, categories of ...

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