1st Edition

Calcium and Magnesium in Groundwater Occurrence and Significance for Human Health

Edited By Lidia Razowska-Jaworek Copyright 2014
    236 Pages
    by CRC Press

    236 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Calcium and magnesium are abundant in groundwater, but the role of groundwater as the essential source of these important nutrients is very often neglected. Hydrogeochemical studies have focused mainly on the distribution and behaviour of constituents that cause deterioration of water quality, such as: nitrate, nitrite or iron and manganese. Therefore, most recent books and papers concentrate mainly on these constituents and only a small number of papers describe the results of groundwater studies on other important water components such as calcium or magnesium. Calcium and magnesium are of great importance to human wellbeing and inadequate intake of either nutrient can impair health. The main objective of this book is to present a selection of studies on calcium and magnesium in groundwater and to highlight their importance for human health.
    The chapters in this book are written by hydrogeologists and hydrochemists as well as medical doctors and include: methods of investigation of calcium and magnesium in groundwaters, distribution and behaviour of calcium and magnesium in different aquifers, calcium and magnesium in bottled mineral and spring waters, and the significance of calcium and magnesium in waters for human health.

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    PART 1. Origin and occurrence of calcium and magnesium in groundwaters
    1 Ca and Mg in loess pore moisture
    A. Afelt
    2 The solubility of different carbonate rocks in natural and anthropogenically influenced waters
    P. Miessner and T.R. Rüde
    3 Hydrogeochemical distribution of Ca and Mg in groundwater in Serbia
    P. Papic, J. Milosavljevic, M. Cuk and R. Petrovic
    4 Study of Ca and Mg distribution within the aeration and saturation zones of the Upper Jurassic limestone massif of the southern part of the Cracow-Czestochowa Upland (Poland)
    J. Rózkowski and K. Rózkowski
    5 Groundwater calcium and magnesium content in various lithological types of aquifers in Slovenia
    K. Mezga and J. Urbanc
    6 Ca and Mg in fractured and karstic aquifers of Slovenia
    T. Verbovšek and T. Kanduc
    7 Distribution of Ca and Mg in groundwater flow systems in carbonate aquifers in Southern Latium Region (Italy): Implications on drinking water quality
    G. Sappa, S. Ergul and F. Ferranti
    8 The major litho-structural units in selected areas of Northern Nigeria: Some statistics on the distribution of Ca and Mg are appended
    H.U. Dibal and U.A. Lar
    9 Effect of mine waters from coal mines of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin in the content of Ca and Mg in the catchment of the Upper Odra river
    I. Pluta and A. Grmela
    PART 2 Significance of calcium and magnesium in groundwater for human health
    10 Health and regulatory aspects of calcium and magnesium in drinking water
    F. Kozisek
    11 Mineral water as a source of healthy minerals
    T. Wojtaszek and M. Pieniak
    12 Mg and Ca in groundwater and the incidence of acute coronary syndrome: Application of a Bayesian spatial method in medical geology
    A. Kousa, A.S. Havulinna, N. Puustinen and E. Moltchanova<


    Lidia Razowska-Jaworek