1st Edition

Calculations in Chemical Kinetics for Undergraduates

By Eli Usheunepa Yunana Copyright 2022
    92 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    92 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Calculations in Chemical Kinetics for Undergraduates aims to restore passion for problem solving and applied quantitative skills in undergraduate chemistry students. Avoiding complicated chemistry jargon and providing hints and step wise explanations in every calculation problem, students are able to overcome their fear of handling mathematically applied problems in physical chemistry. This solid foundation in their early studies will enable them to connect fundamental theoretical chemistry to real experimental applications as graduates.


    Additional Features Include:

    • Contains quantitative problems from popular physical chemistry references.
    • Provides step by step explanations are given in every calculation problem.
    • Offers hints to certain problems as "points to note" to enable student comprehension.
    • Includes solutions for all questions and exercises.

    This book is a great resource for undergraduate chemistry students however, the contents are rich and useful to even the graduate chemist that has passion for applied problems in physical chemistry of reaction Kinetics.




    Chapter 1: Reaction rates, molecularity and rate law.

    Chapter 2: Determination of reaction order by using initial rates.

    Chapter 3: Rate law by method of integration and half-life.

    Chapter 4: Theoretical models for chemical kinetics and Arrhenius equation.

    Chapter 5: Steady-State approximation, reaction mechanisms and rate law of chain reactions.


    Solution to exercises.



    Eli Usheunepa Yunana is an inspiring teacher and mentor of high school and A-level chemistry students with seven years of experience as a tutor at City Academy, Maranatha College and volunteer tutor at Department of Chemistry Taraba State University (NYSC), all based in Nigeria. A solid-state materials chemist under the mentorship of Prof. Duncan H. Gregory, WestCHEM chair in inorganic materials, school of chemistry, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom.

    Eli Usheunepa Yunana is a career driven scientist and leadership mentor with a master’s degree in advanced functional materials from the University of Glasgow. He is a member of research gate, nanoHUB.org and alumni student member of Solid-State group, also called Gregory Group in the school of chemistry, University of Glasgow. He has received outstanding recognitions for excellence in his academic career as a chemist, ranging from the overall best undergraduate student, Kaduna State University (2018) to the award of Merit based overseas scholarship by Kaduna State Government in Nigeria (2020).

    He is currently the host of an online Career and leadership mentoring platform (CAPLOM Services) with about thirty mentees and co facilitators in leadership, career, financial intelligence, IT and programing courses. The platform has all its contents documented on different online media platforms. These reveal so much about the author as a vision minded mentor with a great network of influence both in the academic and leadership settings.