1st Edition

Caldecote The Development and Desertion of a Hertfordshire Village

By Guy Beresford Copyright 2009

    In 1973 the Department of Environment and the Deserted Medieval Village Research Group arranged a rescue excavation to examine the earthworks of the medieval village of Cladecote before they were levelled and ploughed.

    1 The study of the deserted medieval village: Caldecote in context 2 Location and description 3 Documentary evidence and historical context 4 Methods of excavation and recording 5 Period 1: early settlement 6 Period 2: 10th and 11th centuries 7 Period 3: c1100 to 1360 8 Period 3: c1100 to 1360 9 Period 4: c1360 to 1600 10 Period 5: c1600 to the present 11 Pre-medieval finds and human remains 12 Medieval and post-medieval pottery 13 Medieval and post-medieval artefacts 14 Coins and tokens 15 Building materials 16 Environmental reports 17 Synthesis and conclusion


    Guy Beresford