1st Edition

Calpains Pharmacology and Toxicology of a Cellular Protease

Edited By K K W Wang, Po-wai Yuen Copyright 1999
    462 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This new edition offers a clear and through examination of the most recent results of thirty years of research on calcium-activated-neutral protease (CANP or Calpain). Coverage includes the implications of the recently gained ability to produce functionally active recombinant calpain in various human disorders such as cerebal ischemia, traumatic brain and spinal cord injury, cataract formation, myocardial infarction, and Alzheimer's disease. The resulting research to find more selective calpain inhibitors is also discussed. With a copy of Calpain: Pharmacology and Toxicology of Calcium Dependent Protease you will better understand why the calpain research area is such an exciting and promising one.

    1. The Calpain Super Family Yasuko Ono, Hiroyuki Sorimachi and Koichi Suzuki 2. Structure of Calpastian and its Inhibitory Control of Calpain Emiko Takano and Masatoshi Maki 3. The Expression of Calpain in Bacteria and in Insect Cells John Elce 4. Structure and Assembly of the Calcium-Binding Domains of Calpain Sthanam Narayana, John Elce, Debashish Chattopadhyay, Guang-da Lin, Mike Carson, Helen Blanchard, Pawel Grochulski and Miroslaw Cygler 5. Calpain Substrates, Assay Methods, Regulation, and its Inhibitory Agents Kevin Wang and Po-wai Yuen 6. Calpain In Signal Transduction John Fox and Takaomi Saido 7. The Calpain System in Muscle Tissue Ahmed Ouali and Rong-Ghi Chou 8. Involvement of Calpains in Cell Cycle G-1 - to S-Phase Progression Ronald Mellgren, Wenli Zhang, Qin Lu and Richard Lane 9. Calpain in Excitotoxicity, Cerebral Ischemia and Neuronal Apoptosis Kevin Wang, Po-wai Yuen and Kevin Lee 10. The Contribution of Calpain Proteolysis to Neuronal Death Following Traumatic Brain Injury Ronald Hayes, Andreas Kampfl and Rand Posmantur 11. The Pathophysiological Role of Calpain in Spinal Cord Injury Naren Banik, Donald Shields, Swapan Ray and Edward Hogan 12. Calpain-Mediated Proteolysis of Neuronal Structural Proteins Rodney Guttmann and Gail Johnson 13. Calpain and Cerebrovascular Injury Sung-Don Kang, Adam Arthur, Elisa Beres, Andrea Fergus, Chris Boals, Murad Bavbek and Kevin Lee 14. Calpains in the Pathogenesis of Alzheimer's Disease Ralph Nixon and Panaiyur Mohan 15. Calpain and Apoptosis in the Immune System Margaret Squier and J. John Cohen 16. The Role of Calpain in Renal Proximal Tubular and Hepatocyte Injury Charles Edelstein and Robert Schrier 17. Calpains in the Lens of the Eye Thomas Shearer, Hong Ma, M.Shih, Chiho Fukiage and Mitsoyoshi Azuma 18. Calpain Activation and Expression in Toxicant Injury Susan Starcevic and Raymond Novak 19. Calpain 3 (p94) in Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy Type 2A Isabelle Richard, Jacques Beckmann and Michael Fardeau 20. Genetic Analysis of Calpain Isoform Function in Skeletal Muscle: New Stratagies to Study Protease Function Bor-rung Ou, Jing Huang, Neil Forsberg, Mohammad Ilian and Dong-hyun Hong 21. Crustacean Calcium-Dependent Proteinases Jill Beyette and Donald Mykles 22. Calpains in Drosophila and Mammals: Structure and Implications in Neuronal Function Peter Friedrich, Peter Tompa and Gaspar Jekely. 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    K K W Wang, Po-Wai Yuen