1st Edition

Campus Wars Multiculturalism And The Politics Of Difference

By John Arthur Copyright 1995

    Throughout its history, the United States has struggled with the inevitable tensions of a highly diverse society. With the opening of higher education to women, ethnic minorities, and members of other previously marginalized groups, these tensions are now visited most especially upon our nation's colleges and universities. This collection addresses the most controversial issues now troubling our campuses: the content of the curriculum, sexual harassment and date rape, hate speech v. free speech, and affirmative action. In addition, several contributions probe the fundamental issues underlying the more specific problems of the "politics of difference." The contributions to this volume represent a wide range of disciplines - including philosophy, history, literary theory, law, economics, and politics - as well as views from across the political spectrum. Readers will find both familiar essays and new ones, arranged so that the authors speak directly to one another, thus providing a genuine conversation.

    Part 1 Multiculturalism and the college curriculum: the closing of the American mind, Allan Bloom; what's all the fuss about this postmodernist stuff?, Barry Sarchett; is there a text in this class?, Stanley Fish; relativism, deconstruction and the curriculum, Amy Gutmann. Part 2 Sex on campus - sexual harassment and date rape: sexuality, Catharine A. MacKinnon; reckless eyeballing - sexual harassment on campus, Katie Roiphe; date rape - a feminist analysis, Lois Pineau; an interview about date rape, Camille Paglia. Part 3 Free speech, hate speech and campus speech codes: free speech and hate speech - village of Skokie v. National Socialist Party - free speech on campus - "Yes,", Gerald Gunther; if he hollers let him go - regulating racist speech on campus, Charles Lawrence III; is the first amendment racist?, Henry Louis Gates. Part 4 Race and affirmative action on campus: "Affirmative Action" - a worldwide disaster, Thomas Sowell; a cultural pluralist case for affirmative action, Duncan Kennedy; the recoloring of campus life - student racism, academic pluralism, and the end of a dream, Shelby Steele. Part 5 Multiculturalism and theory - identity, power, and democracy: age, race, class, and sex - women redefining difference, Audre Lorde; race and the hidden dimension of class, Michael Parenti; social movements and the politics of difference, Iris Marion Young; the unpatriotic academy, Richard Rorty; the disuniting of America - reflections on a multicultural society, Arthur M. Schlesinger; separation or assimilation?, Bernard R. Boxill; liberalism and the value of cultural Membership, Will Kymlicka; a reconsideration of deweyan democracy, Hilary Putnam.


    John Arthur (Author) ,  Amy Shapiro (Author)