1st Edition

Canadian Public Administration in the 21st Century

Edited By Charles Conteh, Ian Roberge Copyright 2014

    The demands associated with good governance and good public management are at an all-time high. Yet the discipline of Canadian public administration is in flux, and the time is ripe for an open and frank analysis of its state and possibilities. Canadian Public Administration in the 21st Century brings together emerging voices in Canadian public administration to consider current and future prospects in the discipline. A new wave of scholars has brought new energy, ambition, and perspectives to the field. In this book they take stock and build on established traditions and current trends, focusing on emerging, or reemerging, issues and challenges.

    The book identifies and analyzes the emergent research agenda in public administration, focusing on Canada to illustrate key concepts, frameworks, and issues. It consists of three thematically organized sections, exploring processes, structures, and principles of Canadian public administration. It addresses the broad, emergent trend in processes of service delivery or policy implementation generally referred to as the new public governance. It then critically examines the structural and institutional dimensions of Canadian public administration in light of recent directions in the field. A complete exploration of new principles, methods, values, and ethics in Canadian public administration research and practice rounds out the coverage.

    Bringing together emerging scholars, the book bridges the gap between established analytical traditions and novel theoretical and methodological approaches in the field. It proposes a new, more interdisciplinary public administration increasingly focused on governance and not solely on management.

    Introduction to Canadian Public Administration in the Twenty-First Century, Charles Conteh
    New Public Governance: The Changing Landscape of Canadian Public Administration, Frank Ohemeng
    Policy Advice and New Political Governance: Revisiting the Orthodox, Jonathan Craft
    Deep and Wide: Citizen Engagement in the Era of Social Media, Rachel Laforest
    Is There a Canadian Model of Public Administration? Lessons from a Cross- Canada Comparison of Budget Management and Performance, Benoît Rigaud, Paul-Émile Arsenault, and Louis Côté
    First Nations Public Administration, Christa Scholtz
    Environmental Governance, Public Action Tools, and Public Participation: The Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement and the Régie de l’énergie (Québec), Louis Simard
    Reengaging with Our Roots: The Critical Past (and Future) of Public Administration, Jonathan Paquette
    Governmental Priorities and Administrative Rhetoric: The Case of Briefing Notes, Jean-François Savard and Christiane Melançon
    Public Policy Analysis and Management at the Crossroads: An Epistemological Investigation of Ethics and Public Action, Magaly Brodeur
    Foresight: Constructing Futures in Public Administration, Ian Roberge and Bethan Dinning
    Concluding Thoughts on Canadian Public Administration in the Twenty-First Century, Charles Conteh and Ian Roberge (Editors)


    Charles Conteh, Ian Roberge