1st Edition

Candide the Tenth and Other Agitations Prose and Poetry

By Leon Sharpe Copyright 2012

    In the stories and poetry that comprise 'Other Agitations, ' Mike Sharpe's ingathering of history, economics, literature, and philosophy richly informs his satire. Franz Kafka, Jane Austen and Ernest Hemingway, Bernard Shaw, Isaac Bashevis Singer and Emily Dickinson serve as 'agitators.' Sharpe rewrites familiar tales creating new originals in his unique style and weltanschauung. Truth, in human hands, becomes conditional

    Part 1 Candide the Tenth; Chapter 1 My Background; Chapter 2 Tora Bora; Chapter 3 I Meet Joe Wilson in Niger; Chapter 4 I Go to the President’s Press Conference; Chapter 5 Katrina; Chapter 6 Death; Chapter 7 I Meet Kurt Vonnegut; Chapter 8 I Meet Einstein; Chapter 9 Connie’s Misadventures in Afghanistan, Israel, and Palestine; Chapter 10 I Meet the First Black President; Chapter 11 I Slip Into and Out of Iran; Chapter 12 I See What’s Going On in China; Chapter 13 I See What’s Going On in Russia; Chapter 14 I Get a Job in Finance; Chapter 15 I Visit Walter Reed Memorial Hospital; Chapter 16 Genocide in the Congo; Chapter 17 The Miner Rescue in Chile; Chapter 18 Langley Air Force Base; Chapter 19 Murder in Tucson; Chapter 20 The Disaster in Japan; Chapter 21 Blacks Out of Work; Chapter 22 Migrant Farm Workers; Chapter 23 A Narrow Escape in Libya; Chapter 24 The Hundred-Year-Old Man; Chapter 25 Candide Is Sentenced to Death; Part 2 Prose; Chapter 26 God Is Guilty; Chapter 27 Ruthless; Chapter 28 An End to Fighting; Chapter 29 The Voyage of the Titanic; Chapter 30 The Hangman’s Handbook; Chapter 31 Everybody’s Political ABCs; Chapter 32 Five Variations on Jack and Jill; Chapter 33 Eternal Bliss; Chapter 34 I Divorce Myself; Chapter 35 Grand Old Times; Chapter 36 On Books; Chapter 37 A Surprise for the Dictator; Chapter 38 The Man of Many Masks; Part 3 Poetry; Chapter 39 The Day the World Came to an End; Chapter 40 Letters to Emily Dickinson; Chapter 41 Testimony of a War Criminal; Chapter 42 The Good Soldier; Chapter 43 Iraq–Free at Last; Chapter 44 Spread It All Around; Chapter 45 Give It to Them; Chapter 46 Connecting Flights; Chapter 47 Lessons from New Orleans; Chapter 48 Quote from an Unidentified Source in Washington; Chapter 49 I’ll Never See Him Again; Chapter 50 You Lied to Us; Chapter 51 My First Son; Part 4 Selected Poems from Thou Shalt Not Kill Unless Otherwise Instructed, 2005; Chapter 52 Heartbreak House; Chapter 53 I Saw This; Chapter 54 The Eyeball; Chapter 55 The Wrong House; Chapter 56 His Heart Was Heavy; Chapter 57 The Life of a Snowflake; Chapter 58 Intelligent Design; Chapter 59 The Helpless Giant; Part 5 Selected Poems from A Requiem for New Orleans, 2006; Chapter 60 Where Are You, God?; Chapter 61 A Dream Deferred; Part 6 Selected Agitations from Challenge; Chapter 62 Little Red Riding Hood; Chapter 63 The Truman Show; Chapter 64 JKG Versus the Angel; Chapter 65 The Poorest Rich Country in the World: Address to the Graduating Class of 2011;


    Mike Sharpe