1st Edition

Cannabis From Pariah to Prescription

By Ethan B Russo Copyright 2003
    196 Pages
    by Routledge

    196 Pages
    by Routledge

    Learn more about tomorrow’s alternative to today’s risk-laden prescription drugs!

    Cannabis: From Pariah to Prescription reviews the latest research from recent clinical trials with cannabis and cannabinoids—outlining their place and future as prescription medicines. This book addresses the “road back” for cannabis medicines and society’s reacceptance of cannabis as a prescription product. This book offers physicians, patients, scientists, and students a primer on this developing branch of pharmacology and therapeutics and is ideal for use in courses for medicine, psychopharmacology, alternative medicine, health policy, and pharmacology.

    Cannabis: From Pariah to Prescription assesses the genetics, horticulture, and biochemical processing of cannabis into cannabis-based medicine extracts (CBMEs). The book describes the important advanced technologies used to cultivate the genetically selected medical-grade cannabis cloned strains in glass houses. This book also discusses new advancements in drug delivery alternatives to traditional smoking, including the Advanced Delivery System (ADS)—a device that allows delivery of premeasured dosages while remaining secure, tamper-proof, and patient specific.

    In Cannabis: From Pariah to Prescription, the practical applications of cannabis pharmaceuticals are explored through a wide range of clinical studies, including:

    • a thorough discussion of the latest in documented benefits and side effects when using cannabis, cannabinoids, or CBMEs
    • a tolerability study via multiple administration routes to compare pharmacodynamic effects and pharmacokinetic characteristics
    • a comparative study of the pharmacokinetic profiles administered in various areas of the buccal mucosa as well as an investigation of the pharmacokinetics of CBME administered orally
    • a blind study assessing pharmacokinetic profile of CBME administered sublingually in various ratios of cannabinoids
    • a review of several other recent trials involving CBME, THC, or cannabis
    • a study reviewing the human clinical experience to date employing synthetic cannabinoids or CBME, suggesting future treatment in the areas of obstetrics, gynecology, and pediatrics
    Cannabis: From Pariah to Prescription provides extensive bibliographies to encourage your examination of previous studies and international literature. Europe remains on the cutting edge of new studies and research on cannabinoids, and much of the data in this book was collected in the United Kingdom. This meticulous resource also contains a list of abbreviations and definitions of terms from GW Pharmaceuticals to make the reading more accessible to a wide variety of readers.

    • Introduction: Cannabis: From Pariah to Prescription
    • GW Pharmaceuticals List of Abbreviations and Definitions of Terms
    • A Single Centre, Placebo-Controlled, Four-Period, Crossover, Tolerability Study Assessing, Pharmacodynamic Effects, Pharmacokinetic Characteristics and Cognitive Profiles of a Single Dose of Three Formulations of Cannabis Based Medicine Extracts (CBMEs)(GWPD9901), Plus a Two Period Tolerability Study Comparing Pharmacodynamic Effects and Pharmacokinetic Characteristics of a Single Dose of a Cannabis Based Medicine Extract Given via Two Administration Routes (GWPD9901 EXT)
    • A Phase I, Open Label, Four-Way Crossover Study to Compare the Pharmacokinetic Profiles of a Single Dose of 20 mg. of a Cannabis Based Medicine Extract (CBME) Administered on 3 Different Areas of the Buccal Mucosa and to Investigate the Pharmacokinetics of CBME per Oral in Healthy Male and Female Volunteers (GWPK0112)
    • A Phase I, Double Blind, Three-Way Crossover Study to Assess the Pharmacokinetic Profile of Cannabis Based Medicine Extract (CBME) Administered Sublingually in Variant Cannabinoid Ratios in Normal Health Male Volunteers GWPK0215
    • Cannabis and Cannabis Based Medicine Extracts: Additional Results
    • Future of Cannabis and Cannabinoids in Therapeutics
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    Ethan Russo