1st Edition

Canonical Problems in Scattering and Potential Theory Part II Acoustic and Electromagnetic Diffraction by Canonical Structures

    520 Pages
    by Chapman & Hall

    516 Pages 170 B/W Illustrations
    by Chapman & Hall

    Although the analysis of scattering for closed bodies of simple geometric shape is well developed, structures with edges, cavities, or inclusions have seemed, until now, intractable to analytical methods. This two-volume set describes a breakthrough in analytical techniques for accurately determining diffraction from classes of canonical scatterers with comprising edges and other complex cavity features. It is an authoritative account of mathematical developments over the last two decades that provides benchmarks against which solutions obtained by numerical methods can be verified.

    The first volume, Canonical Structures in Potential Theory, develops the mathematics, solving mixed boundary potential problems for structures with cavities and edges. The second volume, Acoustic and Electromagnetic Diffraction by Canonical Structures, examines the diffraction of acoustic and electromagnetic waves from several classes of open structures with edges or cavities. Together these volumes present an authoritative and unified treatment of potential theory and diffraction-the first complete description quantifying the scattering mechanisms in complex structures.

    Mathematical Aspects of Wave Scattering. . Acoustic Diffraction from a Circular Hole in a Thin Spherical Shell. Acoustic Diffraction from Various Spherical Cavities. Electromagnetic Diffraction from a Perfectly Conducting Spherical Cavity. . EM Plane Wave Scattering by Two Concentric Spherical Shells. Diffraction from Spheroidal Cavities . SelectedWave-ScatteringProblems for Different Structures . Appendix: Spheroidal Functions. References.


    Professor Sergei S. Vinogradov holds the post of Leading Scientist at the Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics, Kharkov, Ukraine.

    Paul D. Smith is Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Dundee, Scotland.

    Dr. Elena D. Vinogradova is also at the University of Dundee as a Visiting Scientist from the Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics, Kharkov, Ukraine.