1st Edition

Capital and Power (Routledge Revivals) Political Economy and Social Transformation

By John Girling Copyright 1987
    244 Pages
    by Routledge

    262 Pages
    by Routledge

    First published in 1987, this book comprises a critical evaluation of Marxist, Gramscian and pluralist theories of social development; the application of these theories, chiefly to Third World countries: hence consideration of the problems of ‘specificity’, general theory and social change. This is followed by an assessment of the stages of economic development in relation to state power and politics; and the role of the ‘external’: the impact of the world market economy and the security imperative.

    The book is not a discussion of theory, but of theory-in-practice. Above all, it represents a continuing debate between Marxism and pluralism – on the themes of accumulation, power, legitimacy – resulting in convergence.

    Part I: The Power of Production: Core and Periphery  1. Marx: The Core Concepts  2. The Goal – Workers’ Control  3. Modern Marxists  Part II: Production and Power: Relations of Time and Space  4. Capitalism, State, Civil Society: Historical Interaction  5. The Great Transformation: 1. The World Situation  6. The Great Transformation: 2. Theory and Action  Part III: Production and Power: External  7. Nation and Class: Case of Conflict  8. Why is There no International Theory?


    John Girling