1st Edition

Capturing The Moment The Essence of Photography

By Michael Freeman Copyright 2014

    This is not a book about the fundamentals of shutter speed or how your camera works; it is a book that will teach photographers of all levels how to work with their cameras to capture moments whether they are occurring quickly or unfolding over many hours. Capturing the Moment is about a gesture, an expression, a ball in the net, a whale breaching, like Marilyn Monroe’s skirt flying up or Alfred Eisenstaedt’s image of a kiss between a soldier and nurse in Times Square. Moments in all forms are the true core of photography, and this book will explain how to anticipate them, recognise them, choose them, and capture them, through the eyes and wisdom of award-winning photographer and celebrated author Michael Freeman.

    1. Camera Work ; 2. In-Camera Moments ; 3. Fast Moments ; 4. Slow Moments


    Michael Freeman is a renowned international photographer with over 40 years of experience shooting for a vast number of editorial clients, notably the Smithsonian magazine, Time-Life Books and National Geographic. He has over 100 books published around the world, with over three million in print, including the best-selling The Photographer’s Eye. For his educational work, he was awarded the Prix Louis Philippe Clerc by the French Ministry of Culture, and he is also responsible for the distance-learning courses on photography at the UK’s Open College of the Arts. 

    'This is a very interesting book and following some of his wonderful suggestions should make a big difference in the way you approach your photography in the future.' - Noella Ballenger, Apogee Photo Magazine